24/09/2016 12:53 BST | Updated 25/09/2017 06:12 BST

'Unelectable' Corbyn Gets Elected - Again

OLI SCARFF via Getty Images

After a summer of coups, division and sabotage, the supposedly "unelectable" Jeremy Corbyn gets elected once again. What will this mean for the Labour Party? Well here's what I think will happen.

Of course there is going to be some compromises and tensions within the party at first, I've no doubt some MPs will continue to undermine or at least abstain from their Leader's shadow cabinet. However, the majority of Labour MPs will hopefully have their priorities straight and serve their constituents whilst supporting Jeremy (in spite of the subtle differences) in taking the fight back to the Tories.

Now that the coup is over, media hoo-hah should start to die down a little bit about Corbyn and, now he's the Labour leader once more, it will be far easier for Jeremy's vision, message and policies to reach the wider electorate should he campaign effectively. I've confidence that as Jeremy's message pushes further into the public eye, much of the electorate will begin to realise that they support most of what Jeremy plans for the country.

More housing, lower tuition fees, a safer NHS, more equality, cheaper energy bills, more tax for the rich, closure of tax loopholes, loads of working class accessible jobs within the emerging clean energy industry, an end to grammar school plans, inclusive education, more help and support for the elderly, disabled and vulnerable... the list goes on. Common sense policies that are compassionate and realistic plus an economy that thrives off of investment and prosperity rather than misery and austerity. What's not to like?

I reckon that if Labour pulls itself together, the public may be won round to the idea of a new kind of politics, the politics of hope, compassion and justice. A society that works for all, not just the few is what many desire and that's exactly what our next Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, is offering. You see, if the country gives Jezza a chance, they'll see that he embodies the honesty and compassion that is missing from politics.

That or maybe the world will collapse in on itself and flag waving Trotskyist slave lizards from out of space will inhabit our flesh. Who's to say what will happen, hey!?

Whatever happens, I wish Jeremy the best of luck and I hope he can rebuild the strong, honest and true Labour Party that has been missing for years. I hope that Jeremy and his team are able to reach out and broaden their appeal to the masses without losing their deep and honest values.

There's no question that it will be a challenge, but I have a feeling naysayers will be surprised as Jeremy's popularity begins to rise.

(FYI: I actually wrote this the night before Jeremy's win because, well, the result was obvious.)