14/01/2016 09:43 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Just Some Record Breaking Comedy...


Comedian Samantha Baines, Photo credit: Eva

This week Eva App in association with Funny Women walked into the history books, setting the record for the most jokes told by women on social media in one hour and I got to host the event. Does this mean in one hundred years time people will talk about me in the same sentence as Isaac Newton and Florence Nightingale? Probably not, but it was a lovely first gig of 2016.

There was an impressive 1005 punchlines recorded on the network within the 60-minute window!

We had a brilliant line up of female comedians (Aideen McQueen, Charlie Harrison, Pauline Eyre and Debs Lennard) and some new faces took to the stage to tell their first jokes at the live event in London. Online, people joined in from as far as Sydney and New York to help us smash the record.

I even came up with a new tampon inspired joke on the night (just to fuel the trolls who say female comedians only talk about periods) which counted towards the record and Eva picked it as one of their top five jokes of the night!

I bought some organic tampons instead of the normal ones the other day, but they taste just the same - Samantha Baines


Comedian Pauline Eyre, Photo credit: Eva

Some of my joke highlights of the night were:

An Irish coffee has booze in it, a Jewish coffee gives you a lecture about all the ways you've disappointed it - Aideen McQueen

A joke from my eight year old. What's a magician's favourite dog? A l-abracadabra-dore - Pauline Eyre

Remember ladies, talent isn't transmittable, I've slept with loads of comedians and they are all still really bad - Charlie Harrison

What a unique way to start the year! Congratulations to Eva and Funny Women and everyone who took part.