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Why Wearing Pyjamas All Day Is Fine...


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Ever gone to your front door to collect a package and had the postman/woman make a pithy comment about the fact you are still in your pyjamas at 3pm? Alternatively, they do the 'look you up and down, then raise their eyebrows' manoeuvre, as if to say "that's an interesting look for the daytime". Why is that? I am in my home, its not like I've popped to the shops in my underwear!

This week I received a package to my flat, it was 1.30pm. It was my dad's Christmas present, I know its November, this is the most organised I have ever been! The previous night I'd been at a comedy gig and hadn't got home until the early hours. I was doing emails and didn't have any meetings until later that afternoon so I hadn't changed out of my pyjamas. The buzzer rang and I let the postman into the building. I was wearing a bit of a skimpy pyjama top so I popped on a jumper, I didn't want to alarm the poor man with too much skin. I answered the door and the delivery man went for the double whammy: he did the look/eyebrow manoeuvre then said:

(please add the sarcastic tone) "Oh, your day off is it?"

To which I replied, "No, I work mostly from home"

He quickly came back with, "Well, its alright for some".

Yes, it is alright for some (without going into the fact that being self-employed is actually quite challenging), it's alright for me Mr. Delivery Man because I proudly wear my pyjamas during the day and here is why:

Pyjamas are comfy

Well they should be, thats why you wear them to bed, to keep you comfy in the land of sleep. So if I have to spend my mornings sending emails, learning lines, chasing invoices and general self-employed life admin I would much rather do it in comfort.

What's the point of dirtying other clothes

When I am ready to leave the house I'll have a shower and put 'outside' clothes on and this will make me feel clean and fresh and ready to face people and the world. Sitting around the house in clean clothes will only crumple them.

You can get on with...stuff

Staying in your pj's means you can wake up, get out of bed and start writing/emailing/calling people straight away. (Top tip: if you have a skype meeting just brush your hair and put a non-pyjama top on and no one will ever know your are still mainly in your pyjamas).

It's up to you

It's your home, your pyjamas, your prerogative. If you want to wear your pyjamas all day go for it, and if you want to wear a banana costume you go for that too! Although I think you should put proper clothes on to go to the shops - I can't see the reasoning behind people wearing pyjamas outside, they generally aren't the warmest and they offer no defence against the elements.

I say as long as you wash and get dressed at some point wear those pj's for as long as you want! And delivery and post people don't judge us!

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