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Interview With Student Porn Star, Luke-Kristopher Davis

Everyone loves a gossip, so when a Swansea student revealed they have taken a paid job as a porn star on his year abroad, news travelled fast...

Everyone loves a gossip, so when a Swansea student revealed they have taken a paid job as a porn star on his year abroad, news travelled fast.

The highly academic, wild-child Luke-Kristopher Davis, a 21-year-old Physics student, features in an XConfessions porn video and tells of what attracted him to the role, where he would draw the line and how he thinks it will affect his future career.

How did you get your debut in the film?

I was partying in W Hotel in Barcelona, which is known for attracting varied and diverse clientele, and the CEO and Director of Erika Lust Films (who is Erika Lust) approached me and asked if I was an actor or a model as she seemed to recognise me. However, I was just a student enjoying a night out, she asked me if I wanted to do a casting for an erotic film project and I thought it would be a fun and interesting opportunity.

Was it something you've thought of doing before and would you do it again?

I have never thought about being a porn star. I mean, deep down, I am very academic and my career is and will always be focused around science and academia so my ambitions have never taken me to porn. However, I am a wild person and when fun and different opportunities fly in front of me I catch them before anyone else does. I have made another film with the same company but I am not sure I will continue. I will have to see. Most guys will do it to just have sex with hot women. Of course that is great, but I wanted to see how it all works, the behind the scenes, how it feels to perform an ancient biological act with script, with cut scenes, with 12 or more film personnel watching you. I have no fears or anxiety, I love the camera and I hope it fancies me too.

After your year abroad, and arrival back in Swansea, what are you plans?

Well I have a lot of plans! Right now I am writing a fiction novel called 'Boys in the Cotton Field' which depicts a cotton plantation in 1850s, the story unveils a friendship between a son of a cotton farmer and a Negro boy who is a slave on the farm. I want to explore slavery in the eyes of children, who seem to be impervious to the cruelty of prejudicial ways. After my degree I will look to apply my mathematical skills in the investment banking world, physics or biology. If my writing or any other venture goes well I could take a different path. The future is open for me, but not too open.

How do you think these experiences will affect your future?

I think these experiences may carry some risk for future employment, I took this into account the moment I was asked to perform. However, I believe the experience and contacts I've made outweigh the risk. If my plans for future hold ground, I don't think this experience will even matter.

Were you happy for your friends and family to know?

I do not live for other people. I told myself when I was younger... this is my life, I want to explore it with my own mind, eyes and hands and if anyone does not want to support me etc. then I can show them the door. I believe that people who truly understand me will stick by me and I will reward them in the future. Yes it's porn. But it's erotic, it's great cinematography and it is a piece of art. I look beyond the mundane nature of it being a sexual act, which humans have attached some grand 'wow factor' to it and see it as a film, an art. Which of course one can masturbate to if one wishes.

What are your thoughts on the porn industry?

I believe in freedom of expression, so I think all porn which performers have consented to should be allowed to be viewed because all parties' freedom has been protected. However, I think that some porn does imply anti-feminist and patriarchal views which I disagree with, so that's why I took part in a feminist porn company (they won feminist awards this year). Porn is perfectly legit if freedom has been respected.

If you are to do more videos, are there any genres you'd rule out?

If I were to do more videos I would rule out a lot of things because there are a lot of disgusting and bizarre demands in the industry. I will just have to wait and see.