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Why Mary J Blige Calls For No More Drama With US Presidential Election and Stupid Social Media Feuds

The battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has shocked and divided the world - and next Tuesday the fate of the USA will be sealed when the new president is elected. She may have sold out stadiums worldwide, but right now all the Queen of hip hop/soul Mary J Blige can think about is the upcoming election. After recently being granted an audience with Hillary Clinton for an interview, the singer whose been in London for her incredible sell out tour with Maxwell, is let's just say, not in a hurry to rush back just yet.

Sighing deeply, she says of the election: 'It's just a circus. The climate out in the States right now... I can't even...'

On the contrary, the United States seems far from united as the nation's future hangs in the balance. It's certainly not a time of hope and joy people felt when President Obama was elected...more like dread.

The Grammy winner has plenty to say on this, confirming my thoughts that politics and showbiz really do go hand in hand. She said: 'The highlight of my career would probably have been to have sung for our first black president. And then to have interviewed our first potential female president Hillary just recently. So that's 2 highlights. My most starstruck moment, that would have been when I met President Obama for the first time, I was like Oh my God. His wife, she's so beautiful, he's fine and he's the president. It was just a nerve-wracking moment, I was lost for words. Even singing for them was nerve wracking. I was very stuck because he was like 'Girl, do you know who you are? Do you know? I was like, yeah I know who I am, now! He and Michelle have my music in their car.'

You've got to give it to Mary for keeping it real and staying true to her 90s roots that put her on the map with iconic albums like My Life, and Share My World during her tour. Channelling her inner diva, Mary who has branched out into acting and has a film out next year, said: 'I'm having fun in the moment, I'm channelling the 90s. If you notice I'm not doing any new dances, it just flows. Then when I go to the new stuff I'm bouncing like the kids are bouncing... ' she laughs 'I can dance so you just channel the time that you're in.'

But things have changed thanks to the new age of social media and Twitter battles that were unheard of when she first came on the scene over 25 years ago. Back then, if Biggie and Tupac had drama we would know about it in a track, rather than an online slanging match. Mary's verdict is loud and clear. The Thick of It singer says she misses the good old days too.

'The internet is for good things and for bad things . I don't really socialise with it unless I have something to say to my fans, for a positive affirmation or a throwback. I use it for the fun stuff. The stupid stuff is the stupid stuff. There's nothing you can do about it. I miss the old days when a battle was a battle, you knew who was battling, and I like it better when everybody knows what it is. Now you have people hiding behind social media and saying things, it's kind of cowardly and makes the world look like a cowardly place. I love Kanye, I love Taylor, but they got to figure their thing out.'

Now, that's the 411!

#Showbizmama's Sarah Tetteh chats to with Mary J Blige

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