19/08/2015 11:35 BST | Updated 19/08/2016 06:59 BST

Delayed Flights - Know Your Rights! Compensation Worth Millions Is Being Lost

We work hard all year, save for our holiday, get to the airport and.....GRRRRRRR 'flight delayed'. Hours of trying to entertain the kids follow and in the end it can take days to 'recover'.

It won't help at the time but you can claim compensation for those inconvenient delays.

SHOCKING new research has found that as many as six in ten of us who have experienced a flight delay on our holidays don't claim compensation and are missing out on HUNDREDS of pounds!!

The problem is that most people just don't know they are even entitled to any money. The bottom line is that delays aren't okay! The research showed that as many as 900,000 passengers could be owed up to €600 (£420) for flights delayed for three hours or longer.

It's thought that one of the main reasons for a lack of awareness is the airlines reluctance to explain rights to passengers.

Gatwick was named the worst airport in the UK with 2,134 flights affected by delays, that's a lot of people who could claim!

If your flight was delayed between 3-4 hours you could claim back between €250-400 depending on the distance and destination. For flights over 4 hours you could see this rise to €600, which may very well cover the cost of another trip!

Remember the regulations apply PER PASSENGER so if you know anyone who has recently been delayed on their travels make sure they know that they can claim.

Astonishingly as many as HALF of those who have experienced a delayed flight state that they have received no support AT ALL from the airline. This simply isn't good enough!

Remember it isn't always the airlines fault when a flight is delayed. You can only make a claim for problems caused by the airline themselves, like preventable mechanical problems or overbooking. If a delay was down to 'extraordinary circumstances', like the Icelandic volcano of 2010 or other acts of god, you won't be able to make a claim.

You could also claim on your travel insurance policy but often the pay-outs are fairly small, often around £20 for every 12 hours you're delayed usually capped around £200-300. Claiming on your travel insurance doesn't exclude you from making a claim under EU delayed flight rules.

The EU implemented Delayed Flight Compensation Regulation in Feb 2005 and it is a legal right for all EU citizens. Airlines have a duty of care to look after passengers and that includes meals, drinks and accommodation if your flight is delayed.

Make sure that you assert your rights and hold the airline to account if they've delayed your flight!

To find out how to claim your money back take a look at my 1 minute guide to delayed flight compensation