19/05/2015 12:11 BST | Updated 18/05/2016 06:59 BST

Can I Please Tell You About a Child Who Is Muslim?

Please can I tell you about a child? He didn't answer back to his teacher, because his parents taught him the importance of respecting those who you learn from. This respect comes from the tradition of Islam - The child is Muslim.

Can I just tell you about a child? Yes, she doesn't listen to Beyonce or watch the X Factor. But she loves to recite the Muslim holy book, the Quran, avidly reads Enid Blyton and loves helping others. And yes, she is Muslim.

But can I now tell you about the Muslim child who didn't partake in the taunting, ridiculing, harassing of the overweight child in the playground? He turned away, because to be unkind to another according to him, was 'haram' (forbidden) and he would be sinful.

But as soon as he said that, someone overheard and it wasn't the bullies who got called to the office immediately, it was him.

Please let me tell you about the Muslim child who was passionate about the children he saw on BBC News 24. They were crying, shoeless, in Gazan rubble. He wanted to send them shoes, T-shirts and a toothbrush each. But as soon as he asked his friends to fill in his sponsorship form, he was called in by his teacher and asked multiple times why he cared so much. He didn't know what to say, because his answer was so very simple. He just cared - And yes, he was Muslim... But so what?

Please can I tell you about the Muslim girl who started to wear hijab? She wanted to say that she was taking charge of her life, her ambitions. Maybe she would become a doctor, who would save lives. But this was only if the teacher could see that too - And not that she needed to be 'deradicalised', instead of being empowered.

I need to please tell you about the Muslim boy who started to pray religiously at lunch time and the teachers needed to make sure they weren't negligent about terror. So instead of talking to him about his break time activities, the teacher talked to Prevent. And he didn't even know.

Can I tell you, please can I tell you, that many Muslim children will be singled out by Prevent, their families ripped apart, in the belief that they were on the road to becoming terrorists. But all they wanted to do, was be who they believed they should be. Muslims.

*All individuals are fictional, but based on real incidents that have been circulated amongst the Muslim community. Currently there is no official record made of incorrect referrals and therefore, miscarriages of justice, when it comes to the Prevent programme.