07/03/2013 11:43 GMT | Updated 06/05/2013 06:12 BST

Eight Year Olds Exchanging Sexual Images Can Never Be Acceptable

A Scottish study, attempted to quantify the exchange of sexual images that young people circulate via social media and mobile phones. Although difficult to detect and monitor, the findings revealed in a child protection conference in Stirling, Scotland; were disturbing. They revealed children as young as eight sharing sexual images.

Such findings are not however shocking.  There has been lots of recent concern over social media websites specifically created for young people where girls are urged to post indecent images of themselves so boys can respond with comments about them anonymously.  MP Diane Abbott recently raised concerns over the 'increasingly pornified' world that young people were submerged in today, which has led to a 'strip-tease culture in British schools'.

Although everyone understands such activities are unhealthy for children, they are not only difficult to monitor, but near impossible to stop as they happen when children switch on their laptops, play with their phones.  So as MP Diane Abbott rightly raised, the only way to curb such damaging trends like this is to curb the sexualisation of our society.  However how can such sexualisation be curbed, is the great question.

Perhaps just ban pornography as Iceland currently is proposing? Perhaps increase the watershed time on British TV? Campaign retailers to stop creating provocative clothing for young girls? All are current suggestions, however none of these measures deal with the reality that the reason such sexualisation of women and girls has exploded across society is because the actual fundamental system Capitalism, has encouraged it! Capitalism has allowed businesses to make money from film and music industries - Before we even talk about the pornography industry - where sexualised women sell. Capitalism has allowed magazines to flourish which promote beauty, looks and male attention as the predominant feature of a girl's life, because they make money.  Capitalism has allowed children's clothes retailers to sell sexualised clothes for children as young as 7, because being immersed in such a culture, girls will urge their parents to buy them.  

No amount of pressure and campaigning will change the dominance of the free market, making businesses view morals over money and David Cameron himself recognises this. Despite his talk on this issue, it is clear he will make no moves to regulate big businesses despite knowing the devastating impact they have on society. He won't compromise Capitalism.

Islam creates a society which puts the family unit before the dollar signs of a company.  In an Islamic society, no business, company or even individual would be able to project the woman, man or young person in a manner where their sexuality is exploited. Rather Islam creates a society where to even look twice at another individual with lust, is prohibited. These rules and laws support the fundamental dominant thinking in society, that exploiting or mistreating another person in society Muslim or not, would be an action you are accountable to God for, before anyone. This acts as the more effective form of policing.

Until a discussion ensues about a way forward from Capitalism, there is much to be concerned about - The future of society, the next generation, at the period where they should be enjoying the fruits of childhood, are engaged in the darkest aspects of adulthood.