16/04/2014 07:27 BST | Updated 15/06/2014 06:59 BST

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Happiness is around the corner - you've just hired your housekeeper to help with the Spring Clean ... Here is the top list of chores that housekeepers can tackle to deep clean the house:

1. Do the laundry. A professional housekeeper won't just clean it, but they'll also fold, iron and put away too.

2. Vacuum. This also means preparing the area to vacuum - picking up and putting away toys, books, sports equipment and odd socks.

3. Mopping and sweeping. Anyone with children knows that mopping and sweeping could be done around the clock and it still wouldn't be enough! Having a professional cleaner to do a thorough job of this for you once or twice a week, can make all the difference to saving you time.

4. Clean the bathrooms. Children don't always get the hang of regular flushing, and tooth brushing seems to involve blobs of paste being sprayed in a 360 degree arc around the sink.

5. Help with the jobs that require more than one person. If you can double up occasionally with your housekeeper, you can manage those jobs best tackled in a team - cleaning out the store cupboards, sorting outgrown clothes and anything that requires moving furniture.

6. Regular deep cleaning. Once a month, do a spring clean on a room, so that those dustballs hiding away in the corners can be uncovered and dealt with.

7. Help prepare meals. Hire someone who is happy to shop and cook for you on the nights when you are home late or the children need ferrying across town in different directions.

8. Clean out store cupboards and the fridge. Most professional cleaners will be happy to empty out and clean your cupboards and fridge, and throw away old food.

9. The little touches. Hints of luxury - scented soaps or candles, attractive houseplants - can make your home feel like a haven. If your cleaner has a creative side, encourage them to arrange these objects, or source new ones every few weeks so that you get that lovely "aaah, I'm home" feeling when you get back in the evening.

10. Don't judge us. Yes, we may not be the neatest family around, but we love the fact that you are here to help - and by not judging us, you help make it guilt free.