27/02/2015 06:10 GMT | Updated 27/04/2015 06:59 BST

What to Pack for the Perfect Honeymoon...

Although we are only just slowly coming out of the depths of winter, for those who got engaged over the Christmas period, and are busy planning their weddings, you mustn't neglect your honeymoon plans.

Yes, having the perfect venue/flowers/dress/cake/invites/guest list is super important, but when it's all over - and believe me, it goes very quickly - you want the best honeymoon possible to look forward to.

Most people go away within a couple of weeks of getting married, and usually they want to chase the sun. Most honeymoons that are booked, are done so for the period between June and September. And unless you are visiting the North Pole, you are more than likely going to be either on a beach, or going out for posh dinners with your new husband or wife.

But packing for honeymoon is probably even more stressful than packing for a normal holiday. You might be newly married, but you still want to make an effort, and you never know who might bump into (a friend ended up on a boat with Jack Nicholson of all people!). So here is my definitive list of what you ladies should consider to pack.

Print this off, and keep it somewhere safe for when the time comes to get the suitcase out.

Bikini Weather: The first thing you are more than likely thinking about is your swimwear, which is a good place to start as you will probably be in it more than anything else. Fortunately, high street shops and designers are having a playful time when it comes to swimwear: think fringed bikini tops, cut-out swimsuits, embellished two-pieces and obviously your classic halter-necks. Take with you at least one standout bikini, to make yourself, and the other half, feel really special.

Venturing Out:If you happen to decide to move from your sun lounger, then all you really need is either a loose T-shirt dress or a printed kaftan to go over your bikini. You can wear flip-flops with both, so don't worry. And if you are planning a day trip, then a pair of denim shorts (make them frayed at the edges) and a few vest tops will suffice. A long, statement necklace is always nice to bring the outfit together.

Bag It Up: If you're not an accessories kind of person, then maybe ignore this one, but for those of you partial to a few bags, now is the time to take options. A beach bag that will carry everything and the minibar to the sea front and back, a shopper for if you go... shopping, a cross-body bag for if you are navigating around a busy city, and at least one clutch bag for nights out.

Make It Dressy: It might sound obvious, but make sure you pack some dress options. A couple of maxi dresses will be super useful - over a swimsuit for a quick outfit change, or strolling around the city in flats. Take a sexy number for a romantic dinner for two - maybe an LBD or his favourite frock on you. And some fun skater dresses might be handy for day trips over a bikini.

Shoes: I know so many women who refuse to pack heels for their honeymoon, and each one regrets it. Before you leave your house for the airport, PUT A PAIR IN THE SUITCASE. Even if you don't wear them, it's worth taking. Flip-flops are an obvious choice, and a nice pair of wedge espadrilles are always the comfy way of adding height.

Finishing Touches: You'll still be glancing down at your wedding ring finger, reeling in happiness, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take any other jewels. As before, a statement necklace can dress up any outfit, and a colouful cocktail ring is great for evenings. A simple pair of diamond stud earrings will serve you your entire trip.

Lastly, make sure you enjoy every second. When you get home, real life commences!