16/09/2014 08:55 BST | Updated 15/11/2014 05:59 GMT

'Expect to Go Over Budget, Then You Won't Be Surprised', Things You Should Consider When Planning Your Wedding...

There are usually a few questions people ask me when I tell them I got married last December: 'Who proposed to who?' (he did, he'd always wanted to), 'What did you wear?' (Versace, of course!) and 'Was it stressful?' (yes, yes and yes again).

I'm not being dramatic when I write three yeses. With every wedding comes a level of stress and those tense moments that no one wants, but are guaranteed to happen, regardless of how big or small the big day will be.

We happened to have a lot of calm people around us, and actually the day went without a hitch, but there are very valuable things I learned along the way.

Think of this as your planning check list...

- Try and make each planning session as fun as possible, and not like work. Have a glass of wine and stop before any heated discussions start

- Brides, I URGE you to try on all style of dresses before you make your decision - what you might think is perfect, is usually not (I've had a lot of experience with brides and dresses)

- And grooms, try and choose a suit with something special about it: a light stripe, a colour (season appropriate) or double breasted

- Look on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, they are great sources for new ideas

- The invitation sets the tone for the big day, so make sure it says something about the both of you

- MAKE LISTS, even if you don't stick to them, it keeps you organised

- Don't leave your wedding rings until the last minute, it's not wise to rush this

- See as many venues as you can - you'll know when you find your one

- It's all in the details, and you can add lovely touches for little money - we had cushions with our initials on on the seating areas for example. Cheap yet effective

- Make sure on the big day you steal five minutes with your other half, just the two of you - you won't have any time together once the party starts!

- If you think you can manage everything on the day, you're mistaken. Delegate jobs between bridesmaids/best men or get a wedding planner just for the day - you'll be busy getting ready

- Take on board all advice from people, you never know, something might work for you two

- Expect to go over budget, then you won't be surprised

- Music is important, so pick your DJ or band well and don't be afraid to speak out about playlists etc

- If you're thinking about not having the day filmed, think again. You'll regret it

- You don't need masses of flowers to make a statement, less is sometimes more

- Most importantly, ENJOY EVERY SECOND. It's the only wedding you'll have (hopefully!)