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74 Ways Of Upsetting A Disabled Person

Public education material on specific issues is always important and use. There seems to be a lack of material on disability as a social issue. This is why a decade ago I wrote the tongue in cheek '74 ways of Upsetting a Disabled Person' as shown below

Public education material on specific issues is always important and use. There seems to be a lack of material on disability as a social issue. This is why a decade ago I wrote the tongue in cheek '74 ways of Upsetting a Disabled Person' as shown below, which I am presenting as some light relief to the heavy nature of some issues. The full version with explanations to each point can be found at

1 Build a flight of stairs up to your front door

2 Send a blind person a letter in the smallest print possible

3 Tell a disabled person they are better off dead

4 Remind disabled people that special schools are for special people

5 When you can't understand what a person with a speech impairment says on the phone, just hang up

6 When you cannot help a disabled person, tell them to see their social worker

7 Always assume that a disabled person's personal assistant is a family member

8 Never talk to a disabled person directly, talk to their carers instead

9 Nominate a disabled person for a bravery award, just because they are disabled!

10 Always ask a disabled person what is wrong with them!

11 Always encourage a disabled person to seek a cure, whatever it costs!

12 Always put the disabled entrance of a building at the back!

13 Always talk to a deaf person loudly and keep your mouth covered.

14 Remind a disabled swimmer using arm bands they can't actually swim

15 Always assume disabled people are asexual

16 Introduce a disabled friend to your family as a victim that suffers from their condition

17 Always park in a disabled parking bay

18 Ask someone with dyslexia to read a book out aloud

19 Invite your wheelchair using friend to your penthouse suite when the lift is broken

20 Always be patronising towards disabled people

21 Complain that disabled people want more rights than everyone else

22 Explain to people that if you can not talk, you can not communicate

23 Proudly tell people there is no difference between learning difficulty and mental illness

24 Complain that people with challenging behaviour are just naughty

25 Refer to someone with cerebral palsy as a dribbling spastic

26 Tell everyone your disabled friend suffers from his condition

27 When meeting a disabled person for the first time, always ask very personal questions about their conditions.

28 When a disabled person achieves something, call them lucky!

29 Complain there are too many disabled people on TV

30 Remember that nappies and bibs are just for babies, not adults!

31 Understand that night clubs are no places for disabled people

32 Complain there are too many disabled children in mainstream schools

33 Criticise airlines for helping disabled people when it delays the flight

34 Never let someone with a speech impairment go onto the radio

35 Ask why there are no disabled people at University

36 Always refer to disabled people as the Handicapped or Invalids

37 Remind disabled people that a computer is a luxury item

38 Raise concerns at work to whether a disabled person can actually compete with others in the workplace

39 Be proud to say you will never be disabled yourself

40 Remember, Disabled people can not do windsurfing

41 Always hold your meetings upstairs in a premise without a lift

42 Always assume disabled people will help you out for free

43 Remember that all disabled people think the same

44 Argue that more money should be spent on cures and less on disabled access

45 Complain language is not important and let's call a spade a spade

46 Understand that if you can't read, you can't use the internet

47 Remember that disabled people can not live on their own

48 Argue that disabled people must realise they are the underdogs of society

49 Complain that disabled people are economic burdens

50 When you do not understand someone with a speech impairment, just say yes or ignore them.

51 Always help a disabled person but never ask them how

52 Remember, if you can not see it, it does not exist

53 Understand that disabled people always need looking after

54 Tell everyone that disabled people cannot drive

55 Complain how easy it is being disabled

56 Make sure you know everything about your disabled friend's condition

57 Never ask a wheelchair user to go for a walk as it will offend them

58 Always build stairs without handrails

59 Remember that ramps should be as steep as possible

60 Remind disabled people that they are being punished for the sins of their previous life

61 Complain that it must be very cheap being disabled

62 Argue that disabled people can never be equal

63 Always see the disability, never the person

64 Remember, people who need to wear helmets all the time are mentally retarded

65 Argue everything was better in the good old days

66 Always use a disabled toilet as a store room and always keep it locked

67 Remember that buses and trains were never designed for wheelchair users

68 Argue that disability is just a minority issue, so why bother?

69 Understand there are those who are disabled and those are not and never shall they meet

70 Remember that only babies dribble, adults who dribble are just lazy

71 Remember, just 2 steps to your front door is okay

72 Send a deaf person an audio CD for Christmas

73 Never laugh at a disabled joke

74 Never buy a book on disability