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A Poem About the 'All Male Panels Tumblr'

In July this year I was planning to write a blog post about equality and which voices are heard on large stages around the world. I've written some articles on the topic of gender balance among speakers and experts in the past, and then I thought to myself: Will one more blog post make a difference to inequality?

The smartest and most aware people and businesses have already produced hundreds of reports that point out that diversity and equality matter. Does the world need one more article saying exactly the same thing? I made up my mind to write a poem using the thoughts I had in my head at that moment.

Thirty minutes later the poem about the 'All Male Panels Tumblr' was written.

I've always been interested in equality. There was a period in Sweden, where I grew up, when I felt as if I had to have a PhD in gender studies to call myself a feminist. Now I've defined feminism as equality, human rights and safety for everyone, men and women of all ages.

If my poem can remind event organisers and attendees that we would like to listen to both men and women on stage that would be great. Equality is an ongoing process, and who we choose to feature in the spotlight and in expert panels matters.

Poem about 'Congrats, you have an all male panel!'

The All Male Panels Tumblr

Will it make the world a bit humbler?

It's such a smart invention

That I really have to mention

We all know that diversity and people matter

But today's action looks like an endless chatter

Different backgrounds and experience, and inclusive thinking

That should be there without even blinking

Report after report says the same

What other arguments do we have to claim?

Group thinking turns into brain shrinking

People forming cliques, only makes us more meek

Humans seeking meaning and development

Male only panels are such an embarrassment

Everyone is searching for passion and motivation

To stop our inner starvation

Innovation seems to be the allover cure

But when done with one gender only I'm not too sure

Talking about sustainable and long-term economic growth

Intelligent words, but there is too much ignorance and loath

Decision-making for a better society can be created

But it seems as the current solutions are a bit dated

Have a look and learn from the All Male Panels Tumblr

The world doesn't need one more event fumbler

Let's test your mathematical skills

It's awakening and it thrills

The right answer is 50-50

Then the panel will be neat and nifty.

Poem by Sofie Sandell © 2015


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