23/10/2015 11:58 BST | Updated 21/10/2016 06:12 BST

A Catwalk With a 'Spin'

The next big name to feature in the V&A's upcoming 'Fashion in Motion' series is none other than the Delhi born visionary, Ashish Gupta. The retrospective exhibition, running in conjunction with 'The Fabric of India', is celebrating ten years of Gupta's vivid deliverance at London's Fashion Week via his innovative label ASHISH. The four catwalks are set to take place throughout the day tomorrow, and guess what? They're free.

The live catwalk series has featured some of the most acknowledged designers of our time, including the likes of Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Vivienne Westwood. So the invitation alone is a pretty big deal.

And the journey is set to take us on a spin; in more ways than one. The label's most recent SS16 collection sent models, including the likes of London's own Bee Beardsworth and Charlie Barker, gallivanting down the catwalk on skateboards - a 'now you see me, now you don't' kind of entrance and exit. As if the casting process for the catwalk wasn't already difficult enough.

For those of you that somehow missed Rick Owens' Paris debut, and perhaps as a result still place slightly too much faith in the sanity of the fashion industry, here is a video illustrating the models did indeed roll down the catwalk:

But despite the swift nature of the show, the exuberant injection of Gupta's Eastern heritage was simply unmissable. One of the most captivating illustrations from the SS16 range experimented with a contemporary twist on the traditional Sari, pairing it with a pair of flared trousers and an exposed midriff. Whilst the designer's dexterity with sequins has got him talked about amongst leading fashion gurus, the secret to the magic remains invested in his factory based in India.

Of course, the retrospective angle the show will be captured from will not simply promise a sneak peak at the new range. It will allow viewers to take a glimpse down, a glittering, nostalgia lane. Gupta has not revealed too much about what viewers can expect on the 23rd, but informed the V&A:

"I will be combining work from collections from the last ten years - going through my archives has been a fun and nostalgic experience and I am looking forward to creating an exciting presentation of the best of a decade of my work."

I for one eagerly anticipate the resurrection of the original SS05 collection, which detonated some of the most elaborate prints the catwalk had seen for years. Or even still, the breakthrough AW10-11 collection that highlighted places no other man had ever thought to stick glitter.

The Central Saint Martins graduate's Instagram account is unquestionably worth a follow; that is if you want to fill some of your spare time with guaranteed amusement. But for the records, I'm pretty sure the 'Almond Milk' is not down the fruit and veg aisle...


So if you're in the fortunate minority of people attending one of four shows this Friday, expect to be dazzled - and perhaps injured (if you're seated on front row). Previous lines allow us to deduce that, as per, there will be a strong element of diversity accompanied by at least one subliminal political message. If you didn't manage to grab yourself a ticket, relax. The V&A will be live streaming the event at the following link:

One thing is for certain, and it is that ASHISH will demonstrate precisely how it should be done at the heart of one of the world's most momentous museums.