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15 Things to Leave in 2015

It's so easy to look at what to take forward with you, when the flipside of this - and probably easier way - is figuring out what it is we should leave behind. So here are 15 things I'll be leaving in 2015, and I'm sure a lot of these will resonate.

It's that time of year where New Years Resolutions are at the forefront of everyone's minds, and all the Buzzfeed quizzes are helping you decide which are right for you based on your favourite colour, or type of food. However, it's so easy to look at what to take forward with you, when the flipside of this - and probably easier way - is figuring out what it is we should leave behind. So here are 15 things I'll be leaving in 2015, and I'm sure a lot of these will resonate.

1. F*ckboys.

2015 was the year of the f*ckboy for so many of us, and I know I'm not alone in admitting that the appeal was something all too familiar to me throughout 2015. I know, they're just so much fun to have around; and it's even more fun to rip them to shreds with your friends in that post-f*ckboy debrief we all know so well. But there's more to life than the child in the form of a man, who will most likely never change. So let's say adios to f*ckboys and move into the New Year with a new perspective on what we deserve. Thanks for the memories, pal.

2. Preaching on social media.

It seems that 2015 was also the year that everyone tried all manner of new ways of eating, and apparently so should everyone around them. I for one tried to go vegan for a time, and of course am guilty of boasting this to all my friends without really being that educated. Saving the animals is great, losing weight is also great, but people who post on social media ranting about saving the world without expecting backlash or having the research to support themselves? Bad idea.

3. Tinder.

Just kidding, Tinder stays. If only to laugh at the way people take selfies and what they think people want to hear in their bio.

4. Burying your head in the sand.

So many of us have, at some point this year, been in situations where we feel unhappy but fail to do anything to change this. Whether it's because we feel like we can't or because we don't want to disappoint, this is something that needs to be left behind. What needs to be taken to 2016 is the mentality of 'if you don't like something, change it'. Because, no matter what your situation, ignoring what it is that makes you unhappy is a quick fix that can only last for so long.

5. The Belief that Beiber isn't a Lyrical Genius.

I am sorry, but anyone who doesn't leave 2015 a Belieber has been living on a different planet. 2015 taught us that preconceptions can be changed and Beiber can actually come out with good songs, and if this is possible then anything is possible.

6. Donald Trump.

Need I say more?

7. Stigma Surrounding Mental Health.

2015 was a key year of developing education surrounding mental health issues, and that's something that needs to continue. To those who still continue to look down on those who are struggling, that's for you to work on in 2016.

8. Judging Girls for Being Hoes.

When you're in a strong group of girls who are supportive of all your choices, you learn to look at sleeping around as a thing to be proud of your friends for rather than judge them. This year we saw too much of men getting away with being cheats while girls couldn't be sexually free to do what they wanted, and that's an attitude that we're gonna have to let go of. You like sex? Girl, you do you.

9. Katie Hopkins

Because nobody needs to hear anymore of that in 2016.

10. Ruby Rose.

Because she makes me very sexually confused.

11. Tampon Tax.

Sorry 'bout our uteruses.

12. Forgetting to call home.

It's hard being an adult, doing adult things and still remembering your parents. However, I've really learnt to appreciate my family being at University and I've realised how much just a small phone call means to them. It's not hard to do, and it's usually exactly what we need.

13. Kylie Jenner's Lips.

Because who really cares that much if she want's bigger lips? I mean, whatever makes you happy doll.

14. Fear of the Future.

As a soon to be graduate, this one is all to real for me. The cycle of 'look for a job, realise you have no idea what you want to do, panic about life, give up' is the most unnecessary thing I experienced in 2015, and once we realise that it'll all work out in the end; we can start having some fun on the journey.

15. Putting yourself last.

On the same level as burying your head in the sand, selflessness is something that has been more of a hindrance than anything else this year.I'm talking about saying no to that night out because all you want is to take a long bath and have an early night. Not feeling guilty about cancelling plans with someone because you have other things you need to do. And really trying to value yourself and your mental health rather than worrying about pleasing others because you feel it's right. If you're happy within yourself, that will filter into all aspects of your life; so remember your own importance. Make 2016 the year of you.

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