19/02/2014 06:18 GMT | Updated 20/04/2014 06:59 BST

Food Trends: Out With the Old and in With the New

Keeping up with food trends is as easy as keeping up with fashion, so near impossible to keep up with. We chomp down on new food trends as quick as we bin them. When a popular trend emerges, whether sweet or savoury, our taste buds act as the decider.

The way in which people cook is also reflective of what is contemporary or what is recycled from your grandmothers tattered recipe book. Following food trends requires taking an interest in what is 'cool' and following health trends gathers an even 'cooler' collection of people. Whilst some revel in making acquaintances with health foods, others are less willing to explore and stick to familiar grounds. New health foods do make their way into our kitchens and we are conscious of re-vamping our cupboards. There shall always be a new condiment that's colour is entirely new, a vegetable with a name you can't pronounce or a fruit that mocks you with its impenetrable exterior.

Health foods can be intimidating- how do we approach a food that is somewhat raw, even naked, in its appearance? There is a certain barrier at times, should we pump a food with flavour it might be lacking? Wholesome food should not be accessorized to the point where its core health values are lost. Allow healthy food to stand on its own two nutritional legs.

2013 had its culinary high's and low's, let's reflect and see what kept us talking...

Almost everything, I exaggerate not, became gluten free. It is believed to relieve stress but not proved. Either way, girls and boys went gaga for gluten.

Quiona (altogether now, 'keen-wa') became 2013's most loved grain. This crunchy diverse grain made its way around the globe from the Andes. Factually, eight grams of protein are in one serving of Quiona.

The support for Organic food was at a particularly high rate. Although scientists debate as to whether it is actually healthier, consumers decided to join arms with the organic movement.

2014 has its peculiarities, let's unwrap and found out...

Meet digital dining; Edible QR codes allow diners to track down the specific content details of their food. The need for traceability reflects the growth in our holistic approach to nutrition.

Healthy chocolate is crashing down on generic chocolate we succumb to. Manufacturers are re- naming chocolate as a 'superfood', but chocolate is chocolate right? The power of advertising teamed with a popularised health-term, could result in chocolate having a less devious reputation.

Expect to see Kale lollies replacing our cherished Cornetto's.

Chia, an ancient grain is being marketed as an 'on-the-go' food. Other gluten free products such as buckwheat, corn and flaxseed will be much more high-street available.

The US has re-invented the fruity traditional yogurt by going all vegetable on us. Carrot, tomato and beetroot are currently taking the lead. I have no doubt that things could become very experimental indeed.

Although I would like to end this on a high, I think the following might deflate our taste buds for 2014...

We all know that much of our food grows from the earth but the soil bit we would rather leave out. Not anymore, soil is now part of the menu and 'dirt' is being re-vamped. You have Heston Blumenthai to thank for this. Heston believes dirt soup and dirt ice-cream have a shot at it. It is a wacky decision but one that our modern society can handle, if we are embracing dirt- we can embrace anything.