16/08/2016 07:32 BST | Updated 15/08/2017 06:12 BST

Raw Chocolate Chia Pudding


If you're one of those people who tend to skip breakfast, I invite you to think again when it comes to chia pudding. If only because this could even pass for dessert and what could be better than dessert for breakfast? Did I mention that it's actually good for you as well?

Chia seeds are a fantastic way to get some extra fibre into your diet. Fibre helps us to eliminate toxins from the body and balance blood sugar levels. So instead of heading out for a mid-morning muffin and coffee, you're bound to feel fuller, for longer.

They're also great for lowering inflammation with their omega-3 content, making them beneficial for heart health by regulating cholesterol levels and providing antioxidants to protect the body from free radical damage.

Chia seeds also contain protein (in this recipe, ¼ cup provides 6g) which is important for more than just helping to keep us feel full and provide us with energy. Protein is needed for making hormones, enzymes, antibodies to fight off bacteria and viruses, and maintaining healthy skin and bones to name just a few functions.

These mighty little seeds are great in smoothies, sprinkled on top of porridge or yogurt, or added to baked goods. You can even use them to replace eggs in recipes by adding 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to 3 tablespoons of water or plant based milk.

In this recipe, they are easily thrown together for a simple prepared breakfast. Add all the ingredients to a jar, give it a good shake, then pop it in your fridge for decadent superfood goodness ready when you wake up in the morning!

Serves 1


1 cup coconut milk (or milk of your choice)

¼ cup chia seeds

½ tsp. vanilla extract

½ tsp. cinnamon

1 tbsp. maple syrup (you could use raw honey or brown rice syrup as well)

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

Optional: ½ tsp. maca or lucuma


1. In a bowl, mix together your milk and chia seeds allowing the seeds to become incorporated with the liquid.

2. Set aside for a couple of minutes to "gel" then mix the rest of your ingredients in until everything is combined. Alternatively, add all ingredients to a jar with a tight fitting lid and shake well.

3. Pop in the fridge overnight until you're ready to eat in the morning.

Sprinkle with whatever toppings you like switching it up with different nuts, seeds, flaked coconut, granola, or fruit and enjoy!