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Why Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs Are Very Rich

Is multi-passionate even a word? It should be. One of the things I am attracted to most in other people is their passion for life and everything it has to offer. And I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

Is multi-passionate even a word? It should be.

One of the things I am attracted to most in other people is their passion for life and everything it has to offer.

And I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

It's why I love Marie Forleo, the creator of MarieTV and BSchool.

She loves hip hop, dancing and music in general {she was a Nike Elite Dance Athlete after all} and never believed she had to give any of it up to be a great life coach. The result? She is a business icon for thousands of women around the globe.

She openly describes herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She infuses her passions into her youtube channel and online course using analogy and role play as often as she can. Who said business couldn't be fun?!

But here's the thing: it's not just self-indulgent.

It's also highly relevant and entertaining, and it has created a hugely successful and powerful brand.

Her many passions are part of a multi-passionate approach to life & business, and an idiosyncratic brand essence; inimitable, unrepeatable, ultra unique.

It's THE thing that differentiates her from thousands of other business coaches and courses in a crazy saturated marketplace -- a sea of samey's as we like to call it.

She's created a unique point of difference that you either LOVE or NOT. And a powerful, loyal tribe. Just by being herSELF.

And you can do it, too.

Show up as 120% YOU -- like she does -- every single day and you'll attract the audience that will benefit from your products & services the most. Which means better results, greater impact, happier customers, and the holy grail of advertising:

FREE advertising.

That's right. Word of mouth. The oldest & most effective form of advertising of all time. And it's FREE!!!

Be yourself => attract the right customers => make people happy => grow your business => FREE advertising.

There are so many things I love doing and I can't imagine giving up any one of them to focus on one thing for my business. Because startup strategy is not interesting in itself; it's the uniqueness of you, your why, your how and L-A-S-T-L-Y, your what.

But don't panic. There is a way to integrate everything, though it may not seem obvious at first.

Take my love of traveling.

I work on the road, out of a suitcase, all around the world. This year alone I've travelled and worked through Mexico, Hawaii, Sydney, & now Byron Bay {just a little further north}. I meet incredible people every day, some of whom become friends {and even clients}.

But what has traveling got to do with starting up? It's just my chosen lifestyle after all .... but ....

What better way to advertise a business about creating a sustainable freedom business than by living one?

Take my love of essential oils.

I am obsessed with the incredible ability of these concentred plant essences to give me glowing skin, nip migraines in the bud within minutes, and enhance my creativity within seconds.

But what have essential oils got to do with starting up?

If a lack of ideas are holding my clients back, then why not offer new ways to enhance focus, concentration and activate their creative genius? How many other startup strategists can actually do that?!

Take my passion for yoga.

I've just embarked on a teacher-training program. I'm learning how to breathe properly; fill my lungs; oxygenate my body, and it feels frickin' awesome. You know what happens when you practice proper breathing first thing in the morning? IDEAS! Ideas happen. They come in floods, and I'm going to integrate this into my startup coaching & strategies, too.

Just think ...

How much faster will your startup build momentum and expansion if you can silence the fears and catalyse the flow of ideas?

  • Earl Grey
  • Roses
  • Coconut macaroons
  • Healthy living
  • Gluten-free treats
  • Artisan jewellery
  • The Ocean
  • Mexico

It's all part of this magical package that's me. It's my brand. It's my startup.

Still working on your own brand essence?

Grab a pen and list everything that you love; that you're passionate about; that sends you in a wild frenzy of surprise and delight.

Write your passion list.

  • List the things you talk about all the time
  • List the things people constantly ask you advice about
  • List the things you research on Youtube & the Googleplex.


Think of how you can integrate them into your idea; how to bring them into your startup; how they can enhance who you do it for and how you do it.

Think of how they can change the before and after experience and add that je ne sais crois to what you do. How it can help connect you to certain groups of people, develop a niche offering, or create a more targeted product.

Stop trying to be normal.

Stop trying to be correct.

Stop trying to be right.

Enough with the status quo.

Get in touch with your weird & wonderful self.

I sing Barbara Streisand in the shower. I'm positive that will end up in my business somehow. Oh. It just did.

Write your passion list and put it in the comments below.

Be a multi-passionate entrepreneur. It's what will make you, your brand AND your business sparkle like diamonds.

{You might just be able to buy some, too.}

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