21/02/2012 17:35 GMT | Updated 22/04/2012 06:12 BST

Break the Rules of Fashion, Redhead Style

My name is Stephanie Vendetti and I am co-founder of How to be a Redhead and a Redhead Fashion and Accessories Expert. Throughout my youth, I struggled to find the right clothing and signature pieces that would enhance my pale skin and vibrant, red hair. I always found myself staying in the "safety zone" because my hair was already a statement in itself. So, I convinced myself to opt for basics and let my hair do the talking.

I was wrong and if you are doing the same, you are too!

It wasn't until I was in college that I realised that I, along with thousands of other women in the world, have been blessed with the one thing most people wish they had: red hair. I then decided to challenge fashion and break the stereotypes that were being portrayed. I realised that my red hair was a statement, so WHY NOT enhance this statement to the max?!

This exact moment was life-changing for me and my red locks. I went straight to my wardrobe and instantly started to throw out all the clothes, shoes and accessories that were not giving me the confidence I was yearning for.

The only things I kept were items I deem to be "redhead friendly".

What exactly does "redhead friendly" mean?

Well, it is a term I started to use when deciding if I should buy those Kolae neon trousers or Lotoyo Pigalle spiked flats. "Redhead friendly" simply means fashion pieces depending on colour and style that compliment a redhead (natural or bottled). It is the signature items that make your hair pop and turn heads when you walk down the street.

You might be wondering, how do I know what pieces are "redhead friendly"? That's where I come in! Just call me your fashion go-to girl, redhead style. I am here to spark up your wardrobe and tell you that you can wear that floral printed top and the rockin' bright blue A-lined dress!

How many times I have heard, "Bright blouses, bold necklaces, vibrant trousers; I am a redhead, I could never wear those."

I am here to tell you that you can!

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to make your gorgeous hair stand out?

Here are my top three essential items every redhead should have in her closet:

1. The Red Dress:

You must have heard, "Every girl should have a little black dress." Why not have a little red dress? Do not be afraid of rocking the color that matches your hair. Red is a wonderful colour that will make your skin glow.

2. A Chunky Necklace:

This statement piece is easy to dress up or down. Wear it with a silky blouse or a plain white t-shirt.

3. Yellow Jeans:

You might be thinking, "huh?" Yellow jeans are a wonderful staple piece for Spring. Since your legs (and of course hair) will do all the talking, you can pair them with a simple top.

Redheads, remember fashion is suppose to be fun, represent your personality and bring out your red hair! It's about being yourself. And never forget, rock it like a redhead!