07/09/2017 12:03 BST | Updated 07/09/2017 12:03 BST

The New Moon - How About The New You!

"Make a wish at 8.03am, it's the New Moon" - one of my best pals in the world told me that this morning and it really got me to thinking about the various forms of magic spells I've cast, the number of times I've spent wishing upon a star, the amount of money I've spent on crystals and the amount of things I've asked the universe for. I bet she thinks I am one greedy bitch.

Then, there's the mediums. There are the ones who I have visited, who have said something so vague that of course it came true. "I see you in a sunny destination". You start imaging your knew life in Los Angeles and when it doesn't seem to come and question their authenticity, they can easily argue that you had a lovely day in the beer garden on that one sunny day in Gorton.

There's also the ones that are a bit more specific. "You will meet someone who is an outdoors type in February". I mean they neglect to mention which year so February comes and you get your hair done, the fake tan painted and topic of conversations prepared for February and - nothing. Then, you spend the next 11 months awaiting the next February. Don't even start me on the the "he'll be an outdoors type", well of course he will be, otherwise he's a hermit, which probably means you aren't going to meet him... ever. Nobody is.

I love the ideas of all these notions and potions in the world, making it a better, happier, more positive place. I still believe, thanks to "Charmed", that wood nymphs are the reason we have forests. It's an easier idea to grasp than nature, David Attenborough and photosynthesis. (FYI - I just had to Google both spelling and meaning. GCSE Science has well and truly worn off me).

I've even been known to love an affirmation. Some confuse me though. "BELIEVE YOU CAN AND YOU'RE HALF WAY THERE". Can you tell that to my landlady because apparently she needs the actual rent? I've had the dream but she wants the cold, hard cash. She's so negative that way. If only she believed.

I wondered why we believe in these methods of the moons, the crystals, The Secret - and ultimately, I think it's for hope. Hope that the future might be easier financially, that we'll find someone who loves us for the version of ourselves that we love and that one day our dreams will come true. Obviously, this is very broadly speaking - others use it for stress relief, some use it for pain-relief and I am not here to knock it.

I love it. Although, after the latest medium suggested I'd end up with a woman, I've clocked off the idea of paying someone £70 for her "gift" to tell me my future. Buffy never charged to save the world using her gift did she? (Maybe once!)

My friends and I have previously used all these methods to focus our thoughts, to give ourselves that little ego boost on the day of interviews, important performances but then on the days fulfilled with a rejection, we get knocked back, wonder why, say out loud that everything happens for reasons but our eyes have died a little more.

My point though is this. I think if we can believe in all this 'magic' in the world, shouldn't we be able to believe in the magic of ourselves?

If that one date is bad, if that job doesn't happen for us, shouldn't we believe in ourselves to push forward on to the next one and shouldn't we be able to get back up straight away, knowing our own worth without having to wait for the next new moon?