London Entrepreneur Wants to Crowdsource a Future for a London Pub

30/10/2012 16:40 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 10:12 GMT

James Dance, 26, is looking to change his future during the recession and that of one of the many London pubs that are falling on hard times. Through the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo he aims to raise $50,000 (£31,000) to launch what he calls "London's first ever dedicated video games café" - Loading Bar London.

Loading Bar London aims to offer a complete gaming experience for the true gamer with free use of consoles and internet access, unique industry supported gaming events across the calendar, a gaming café during the day and a gaming bar at night and even gaming themed cocktails.


The crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo is similar to other popular platforms at the moment such as KickStarter and WeFund. A user can pledge a particular amount of money to a project to help it reach it's goal and in return receives rewards based upon their level of commitment. The project must raise the full amount within a certain timeframe or it won't go ahead - in loading Bar's case this is by the 4th November.

Supporters of James's venture will be rewarded with everything from limited edition t-shirts, to a pack of Loading's very own 9-bit mega coffee, to the opportunity to create a new cocktail for the menu and even having Loading Bar provide their own pop up bar at a private party.

To potential backers the 26 year old entrepreneur says this: "Having spent two years building the business, I'm pitching something achievable; not a computer prototype or a business I have no experience in, just my story and the vow that no matter your donation, whether it is $5 or $10,000, and regardless of our final figure, you will get the rewards promised to you."

James already has experience having opened his first gaming café in Falmouth in 2010 making this his second take on the gaming café format. James has received support from high profile gaming brands such as Ubisoft, Capcom and Turtle Beach who have offered products for the Indiegogo perks scheme.

He adds: "Everything I've achieved has been on a non-existent budget. Thanks to talented friends lending support for free, we've achieved so much. But without further backing, we're limited in what we can achieve."

You can find Loading Bar's crowdfunding page here: