21/03/2012 12:32 GMT | Updated 21/05/2012 06:12 BST

There Ain't No Reform Like an S Club Reform

With George Osborne announcing higher prices for tobacco and Doctor Who getting a new assistant, you might have missed one of the most important news stories of the day. Pop group and bestest buddies S Club 7 have announced, as a special treat for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, that they are planning to reform and tour this summer as well as releasing a Greatest Hits CD. I wasn't even aware that the Queen was that big of a fan of S Club, but I suppose Reach has a catchy chorus that even royalty can't deny.

S Club 7 are the latest pop group of the last few decades to decide to reuinite and tour for whatever price is going. In recent years, we've seen Take That, East 17 and Steps reunite.

The thing is, these bands are getting closer and closer to the time period that we are in now. Hell, even Busted are thinking of a reunion tour, and they only split up seven years ago. I expect to hear in the next few months that Jedward are also planning to reform.

But is a summer tour and a greatest hits package the best way for S Club to get recognition? In their heyday, they also starred in wacky CBBC sitcoms and even had their own film. In my opinion, S Club should do a sequel to their 2003 masterpiece: Seeing Double. If you haven't seen the film, it consists of the group banding together to stop an evil scientist making clones of them. I'm pretty sure it won an Academy Award.

The problem with S Club doing another movie is that their fans have now grown up and if they try and appeal to kids nowadays, the targeted audience won't know the source material. This is why I'm pitching they star in a horror movie. In it, each member of the band get killed off in a style mirroring their lyrical lines from their introductory song S Club Party. The title of the film would be S Club Se7en. One body is found buried underneath a patio ("Paul's getting down on the floor"). Another is discovered floating down the Thames ("Then we got Jo, she got the flow"). Come on Hollywood, you know you want to.