01/02/2016 03:14 GMT | Updated 31/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Introducing Making Modern Love

This February The Huffington Post UK is running Making Modern Love, a fortnight-long focus on what love means to Britons in the 21st Century. Built on the three themes of finding love, building love and losing love, HuffPost will feature human stories that explore exactly what it is to be in love in modern times

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This month millions of lovers will be strong armed into celebrating/enduring the Feast of Saint Valentine. It's the day that sales of 'rose in a tube', heart shaped chocolates in red foil and naff cards with bunnies and all that lovie dovie type stuff spikes. As a country the day of love sparks a £1billion spending orgy and has the potential to spark another billion lovers' tiffs.

Even as I wrote this blog an email dropped into my inbox inviting me to start thinking about the perfect date outfit for Valentine's Day. 'Whether you are dining in for two or going for a romantic night on the town, we have stylish solutions to ensure you are date-night ready,' the high street retailer, who shall remain, unnamed, informed me. Thanks, but no thanks.

I don't know about you, but I the only thing I'd love to do on 14 February is take Cupid's arrow and stick it in a place St Valentine might find pretty uncomfortable.

That's why this year on The Huffington Post UK we've had a think about the Dia dos Namorados and have reimagined it from a different perspective.

Our Making Modern Love series will look at what love really means to Britons in 2016. Built on the three themes of finding love, building love and losing love, the HuffPost UK will explore human stories to inspire, empower, entertain and inform our readers.

We'll be chronicling the stories of those who've found love in a hopeless place, we'll be looking at why couples are obsessed with making their declarations of love go viral and touch on why you people should nurture all relationships, not just the romantic ones.

We've made some original videos too including HuffPost UK staff revealing their worst ever date stories, why online dating is similar to having an arranged marriage, and the view from revellers on what modern love really means to them.

There'll be blogs including ones from Lord Cashman looking at LGBT rights since TV's first gay kiss, Project Love on self-love being the route to finding love, Tuppy Owens on helping people with disabilities find love and a former Take Me Out contestant on what on earth it was all about.

We're also inviting bloggers to write about their own experiences of love. If you want to share your take on what this subject means to you then get in touch and help us make modern love.