20/07/2011 09:44 BST | Updated 19/09/2011 06:12 BST

Music With a View - Josh Bray

Lets take a break away from all the Murdoch madness.

I canna take anymore captain.

Introducing Josh Bray on a windswept London balcony.

Josh was inspired to start playing after discovering the legendary Nick Drake, which is as good excuse as any to make you pick up a guitar, so long as you don't let it get you too down.

If you know the underground music world, you'll know there are far too many singer songwriters peddling their tunes. Most struggle with the form. What I like about Josh is that he marriages songwriting, vocal, and melody. Three way marriages may not be legal...but it works in this context.

Whats more impressive is that he gets this all across in spite of sirens (Mrs Brooks getting carted away), and wind shear.

Wind shear refers to a change in wind speed or direction with height in the atmosphere.

Josh Brays debut album Whisky and Wool is out now.

You heard him here first.