19/05/2017 09:26 BST | Updated 19/05/2017 09:26 BST

21 Essential Questions To Ask A Hypnotherapist Before You Hire Them

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapeutic process, but did you know that it is an unregulated profession?

Training schools can set up without pre checks as can Hypnotherapists.

Whilst I am all for the free market it often drives me to talk to people considering Hypnotherapy given the sensitive nature of any type of therapy.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be very successful in treating people for a wide range of conditions such as confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, weight loss and phobias etc. But with an ever growing number of Hypnotherapists coming to market their services, it is important to check those you contact are well trained, competent and personality appropriate.


Hypnosis is a safe and pleasant experience when used correctly.

Hypnotherapists will employ a variety of styles and Hypno-therapeutic techniques to help you achieve your goal.

Many celebrities have hired Hypnotherapists over recent years to help them overcome anxieties and lose weight.

There can be no doubting its popularity is growing. But with popularity comes the need to encourage the public to check carefully before closing their eyes and allowing a Hypnotherapist to do their work.

The following 21 questions will help you in finding the right Hypnotherapist for you. Once asked, never fear to probe further.

1. Can you offer me a free consultation?

2. Please can you show me evidence of your personal results?

3. Do you offer support between sessions? If so what kind?

4. Have you had a recognised training?

5. Are you insured?

6. Are you taking any medication yourself as it's important I work with someone who isn't potentially suffering from what I am suffering from?

7. What back up tools do you offer such as MP3's?

8. I'd like a maximum of 6 sessions. Can you sort me within this constraint?

9. How renowned are you for treating my condition?

10. What ongoing training do you have?

11. Who is your ideal client?

12. What conditions are you less good at treating?

13. How will you protect me during Hypnosis?

14. How can you reassure me that I will always be in control during Hypnosis?

15. Do you offer a follow up service?

16. Would it be possible to speak to a few of your clients so that I am assured you are right for me?

17. Is your consulting room appropriate for someone like me?

18. What happens if it doesn't work?

19. If there were 3 reasons why I should select you, what would they be?

20. Do I sound the type of client you can help? If so why?

21. From what I've told you today, what do you think?

Don't be concerned about asking away.

Most Hypnotherapists will welcome you engaging in dialogue with them as they understand that finding the right practitioner is important for you.

Once you've found the ideal Hypnotherapist, enjoy the wonderful benefits clinical Hypnosis brings.