02/12/2013 12:26 GMT | Updated 01/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Fat Americans Need to Get a Grip (But Not on a Waffle)

As Britain's straight talking weight loss motivator and TV presenter you may not be surprised that I have some razor sharp words for fat Americans who seem to enjoy the sofa feeding their backside.

Yes, America can be proud of so much but when it comes to body shape they are most definitely bottom of the league. Americans are often thought of as hard working entrepreneurs but there can be no doubt that they are also a nation of portion piling greedy gannets.


What's for sure is that they cannot showcase themselves as health hopping evangelists.

Astounded By My Assertion

On my visit to New York I couldn't help myself asking the portly Yanks if they really had to eat so much. Astounded by my assertion they smiled (mouths full) and expressed delight to the fact that they still had their dessert to come and were proud of a country that fed them so well. Of course I couldn't disagree with the latter comment.

Sitting in the restaurant the eagerness of customers looked obvious; at one point I thought one couple were going to eat me, until I heard the saving words "oh man lets have triple burger and fries with a desert waffle to follow".

The Conversation Suddenly Stopped

As their food arrived this couple lifted their knife and fork with delight, looked at each other fondly, and began to eat. It was as if a race had begun as they ate their food. It was obvious >they didn't pay much attention to the taste. Furthermore any conversation between the two of them was now finished. Sadly it appeared that all this couple had in common was food.

As I left this food fest I walked out onto the street to be greeted by yet more chubby cherubs who demanded half the pavement became their own. As I continued to walk I reflected on how so many had told me that New York was the place to be. I now realise what they meant as I continued to look at snail paced Americans who seemed addicted to food, and even more food.

Huge Stomachs And No Guts

I loved New York in many ways but the reality of gigantic American stomachs made me feel both sad and angry.

I have always been impressed with the straight talking sentiment of American people, but somehow they just don't seem to have the will to use it here.

Is America a nation now so obsessed by food that any intention to get tough on fat just melts away?

Please don't tell me they think that tea and tissues will shrink the ever bulging population; let's face it, all that will do is stroke the fat and in my view grant permission to parents to laden the table with junk food.

For me America is the one place where we could trigger a global message to those needing to shrink their butts.

But to make that the reality one thing is for sure; we need to get tough on fat Americans and perhaps that starts with some home truths.

What do you think about what I've said?

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