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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Coaching Becomes More Authoritarian

Over the last two years working as a specialist, I have found more and more that clients require a process ofas well as hypnotherapy to lose the unwanted weight.

If you have ever visited a Hypnotherapist for help to lose weight then you can be forgiven if you have come away feeling a little too relaxed. One thing for sure is that many hypnotherapists are excellent at helping you to feel relaxed and drowsy, so much so that you may feel like curling up and going to sleep for a few hours after a session. That's fine if you want a treatment for insomnia.

But is this really what's needed if you are desperate to lose weight? Is a process of relaxation and a bit of visualising yourself thinner going to make you feel more determined and driven to lose weight? I think not.

Over the last two years working as a specialist Weight Loss Hypnotherapist and Coach, I have found more and more that clients require a process of strong and tailored motivational coaching as well as hypnotherapy to lose the unwanted weight.

This is why the latest breakthrough in weight loss hypnosis and coaching is delivering impressive results. The Authoritarian and Motivational model is strong and bold. It doesn't wrap it up and clients may be barred if they continually make excuses and fail to lose weight.

This latest breakthrough will see you being told to stop whinging and moaning, and if you want tea and tissues then you are advised to go and see a counsellor instead. The six week programme is focused upon motivating clients to lose weight using a number of measures including daily texting where clients are required to be accountable for their actions, six face to face sessions either in person or via Skype, and a meal planning process that involves eating 80% healthily and 20% a bit of what you fancy.

Yes, if you want it straight and down the line this is for you because moaning mentalities are not welcome. It is all action, positivity, and results.

Liz loses 5 stone in just six months

Working with Liz was the ultimate delight. In the early days I helped Liz to nurture her mindfulness when it came to what she was eating. She knew what to eat to lose weight but needed to change the habits.

Learning to control the food was key, so we developed a routine that would mean she was letting go of the old poor eating habits that had made her too fat. Yes the 'F' word is used. Liz was told she was too fat and needed to get on it soon for the sake of her health as well as confidence.

When it came to food this was not going to be a rigid diet, but more like one of common sense sensible eating. I made it clear there would be no excuses to which she agreed. We banned moans and ensured that the process would be upbeat and positive. Whinging was forbidden!

If problems arose we immediately found solutions.

When it came to food Liz didn't live in complete denial. She would occasionally have a bit of what she fancied including the odd G&T. A no-bull and positive attitude was critical to get Liz to lose any weight and yes, I had to make sure her motivation was strong. This woman was as determined as I was, and with the exception of the odd blip, I managed to keep her attitude and motivation strong.

And for the result?

She looks amazing and her confidence is through the roof and yes I adore her and her results.

So is it time you considered a stronger, straight talking motivational and hypnotic solution? If you want to cry into the donut or continue to bury your head in the gateaux this isn't for you. But if you want it excuse free with a combo of hypnotherapy and motivation delivered with strength, then it could be the new brand of lard liquidator you're crying out for.