03/02/2016 07:03 GMT | Updated 03/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Dave's Dodgy Deal

So that's it. Mr Cameron's renegotiation of our EU membership is all but complete. And one thing is clear. There will be no reform.

Our PM has returned from Brussels with 75% of what he was asking for. A good effort - if not for the fact he was asking for almost nothing in the first place.

On restoring parliamentary sovereignty, on controlling our borders, on taking us out of the overarching and increasingly integrated political club - he has failed on all counts.

He supposedly has won the UK a 'red card' that can be used to block bad EU legislation. But we will only be able to use it if 55 per cent of Member States agree.

In short, EU law will still be supreme and no powers have been repatriated. A red card that you must first ask permission to use is no red card at all.

All he has secured in terms of 'migration controls' is a watered down version of the emergency brake on immigration.

The new power "will provide for an alert and safeguard mechanism that responds to situations of inflow of workers from other Member States of an exceptional magnitude over an extended period of time".

We should all note the word "exceptional", which means Brussels has full control over whether the criteria are met for any of the new conditions to be activated.

In short, we still won't control our own borders.

We are supposedly now 'not committed' to ever closer union, but that does not mean never. We can be sure if the British public votes to stay in we will be dragged ever deeper into the European project as time progresses.

The Prime Minister went into this negotiation without any radical reform agenda and without any intention of campaigning to Leave if the talks did not go his way. Ordinary Brits will now pay the price.

It is now time for Eurosceptic members of the Cabinet to show some backbone.

Boris Johnson has said: "I think there is much, much more however that needs to be done." He is asking for a British veto for EU regulations, but he may as well just ask if Mr Tusk has the winning lottery numbers while he's at it.

There is only one way we can stop EU regulations and that is by voting to Leave.

This referendum will be fought on whether we should be an independent, outwardly looking and globally trading Britain, or enter into ever closer union with a failing European Superstate - and eventually join the Euro.

We saw Blair giving us a dodgy dossier and now Cameron a dodgy deal. What is it that makes our recent prime ministers so dodgy? It's time to put an end to these dodgy deals in this referendum.

This referendum is about protecting our culture, ensuring our prosperity, regaining our freedom and keeping ourselves secure from the ever increasing dangers in the world.

So, Boris, May and Sajid I say to you and your Eurosceptic colleagues, now is the time to make up your minds.

You know this deal stinks - so join us - and let's make Britain an independent nation again.