11/03/2015 13:38 GMT | Updated 09/05/2015 06:59 BST

A Fair and Ethical Migration Policy

Last Wednesday I announced our immigration policy - a policy that is the fairest of all the mainstream political parties. I have worked very hard since becoming Ukip's migration spokesman on creating a fair policy that allows Britain to thrive while being fair on all peoples who want to come to work here.

Ukip believes that uncontrolled immigration into the United Kingdom is too high. It's putting unnecessary pressure on the NHS and means impossible to estimate increases in UK population at a time of cuts to school places, public infrastructure investment and wage compression for working people. As a solution to this Ukip will create a Migration Control Commission - with a remit to bring down net immigration, while assuring the right number of highly skilled workers from across the globe are able to come to the UK and help us prosper.

The points based system for highly skilled immigration administered by the commission is a win-win for both our future fellow residents and for the communities in which they will reside. In addition to this visa system for skilled workers, Ukip supports a freeze on all unskilled immigration into the UK for five years. The result? UK politicians and the people of this country can focus on other, more important issues like planning properly for more investment in public services.

Today the world is a much bigger place, bigger than ever before. Transport is easier than ever. So some might argue that net immigration levels bigger than that Huguenot wave are inevitable and normal. I don't think so and I'm sure most other people wouldn't think so, the 50,000 Huguenots took well over 100 years. We get over 600,000 per year at the moment. We've had enough immigration for at least the next five years, that's why we in Ukip say no unskilled migration for the next five years. We are a party that believes that Britain can and does benefit from skilled workers. That's why we want a points based system so we can still have the brightest and the best, we embrace that and wouldn't ever change it.

To support the overworked staff policing our borders, Ukip will also increase Border Agency staff by 2,500. We'd stop migrants claiming benefits until they've been here and paid into the system for five years and we'd reinstate the primary purpose rule, bringing an end to sham immigration marriages. We'd provide more resources to ensure better identification of illegal immigrants and we'd remove the passports of those who fight alongside terrorist organisations. We'd provide more resources to our police to ensure better identification of illegal immigrants. It's common sense. We'd close our open borders with Europe and establish a points-based system to make the rules fairer for the Commonwealth - ensuring that Britain has enough doctors, and other skilled workers for our economy to grow, while protecting British workers.

These elements are part of a fair and ethical migration policy for the UK. One that is that is forward thinking. It time to believe in Britain, have confidence in our country and take back control of our borders.