17/02/2017 09:13 GMT | Updated 18/02/2018 05:12 GMT

How VPN Can Get You A Healthy State Of Mind


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From a luxury available to a select few to the basic need of almost everyone, the internet has indeed grown by leaps and bounds. Besides making information widely available, the internet has opened new channels of communications between individuals, separated by thousands of miles. The exchange of information, sharing of emotion, exchanging ideas, and innovations in almost every branch of science are some of the direct by products of the internet.

Unfortunately, where internet bequeaths us peace of mind, it is also making users vulnerable to digital threats, such as cyber-bullying, botnets, DDoS attacks, hackings, malware, pharming, phishing, ransomware, spam, spoofing, spyware, adware, Trojans, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, worms and other viruses. The impact and the scale of destruction vary from one user to another, depending on their specific use of the internet.

While there are financial and personal risks linked to these threats, we tend to overlook the mental stress caused to the victims. You will not find many stats about how a large number of internet users are tormented everyday and how digital anxieties are affecting their health.

Take any IoT gadget and assess the significance of your data transmitted via these devices. From intimate pictures of you to your sensitive financial information, imagine the kind of mental stress you'd go through if this information landed in the hands of hackers. Think of your favorite honeymoon spot. Think about accessing public Wi-Fi from a nearby restaurant. Think about posting those amazing moments on Instagram and Snapchat using the same public Wi-Fi. Now imagine a hacker on the same network easily accessing that information.

With so many benefits of the internet, we end up in high mental trauma by not bothering about our online security and privacy. This is where a VPN service comes to rescue as it provides you military-grade 256-bit encryption every time you or your loved ones connect to internet from any device (compatible with almost every internet-powered device) to an un-secure Wi-Fi network.

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks allow common internet users to securely access a private network and share and any kind of data remotely via connecting to public Wi-Fi networks hosted at a local restaurant, mall, café, or the airport. Irrespective of where you are heading or where you are now, a VPN will provide you complete internet freedom and will keep your anxieties low.

For this reason, VPN is getting hugely popular with businesses as well as individual users for this very reason. With a secured VPN having your back, a mother needs not be worried about her children and how will her kids protect themselves against digital threats. Since a VPN uses a combination of dedicated connections and encryption protocols to generate virtual connections the anonymity, security and privacy of people is guaranteed as long as they are connected to VPN.

Now, even if snoopers manage to siphon off some of the transmitted data sent by your daughter to you, they would be unable to understand it because of the encryption algorithms protecting it. With more servers and dedicated IPs, Virtual Private Networks are unarguably one of the best online securities available to internet users, as a remedy to the kind of mental stress they go through daily, while using the internet.

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