20/02/2012 17:13 GMT | Updated 21/04/2012 06:12 BST

MAC Impassioned Lipstick and Fish Finger Sandwiches

Today has been a good day. I finally got my hands on MAC's Impassioned Lipstick - it is a colour MAC describe as 'Amped up Fuchsia' - a member of their 'Amplified' lipstick range.

I wore this shade of lipstick on the Wright Stuff a few weeks ago - one day mixed with another amplified lipstick 'Morange' - and one day on its own.

'Impassioned' is a strong shade. From reading other opinions of it online, I think it's too vibrant a colour for some people. Looks great when fading off the lips also - just a pink stain left. Other people love it as I do.

Lipstick colours take a bit of playing around with. Obviously, much depends on skin tone and lip shape. It's fun to experiment with colours, and make up styles. For anyone who enjoys wearing make up, it seems a shame to use the same products and colour palettes day after day. All that happens, if you try something new and don't like it, is that you wash it off at the end of the day! I do it constantly - often right before washing my face and going to bed!

When I first started working as an actress, I would always say to make up artists - this suits me, this doesn't suit me, I should always have this, or I can't wear that colour. Absolute rubbish. These days if someone is doing my make up, I don't request anything - apart from pencilling in gaps in eyebrows - because even if it doesn't happen to be my favourite look, or exactly what I would have chosen, I am interested to see what look they have chosen for me, and more often than not they have it absolutely right.

My office today - A sofa in Surrey, intermittently catching up on Gossip Girl.

My recipe today - Fish Finger Sandwiches (this may be the only food suggestion I ever give, as you will see it's not too complex, I am not a gifted cook, but it was too delicious for words).

Four fishfingers grilled

Two rolls


Salad cream

Spring onion

Mixed salad

MAC Impassioned Lipstick £13.50. Using this link, you then have to use their drop down shade list, to find 'Impassioned'.

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