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#friendswithMorgan We Didn't Even Know Them Last Week and Now They're Changing His Life

How do you even begin to write a blog about something when it's taken you by such surprise that you really aren't sure what is happening?

I guess I'll start at the beginning, my little boy Morgan, pictured top. Some of you may be familiar with him. He has Aspergers Syndrome, high function Autism. he's very cute and ridiculously funny but sadly and unfairly very lonely because he was bullied nor has never been invited to party. I started a fundraiser earlier this year to raise funds to get him a Service dog in order to help him regain his confidence as he finds it difficult to leave the house due to his severe anxieties. It's been a hard road for him, however,. we had very little, if any local support. People had stopped talking to us since he appeared in The Sun, there was a hoax call and name calling - it went on.

So when I spotted a page on Face Book called a Year in the Life of Autism, I was really giving up and about to throw in the towel, my so called best friend had bailed on me and I just didn't think I could take it any further. Yet there was something about this page, it was welcoming and personal, so I dared myself to ask if they'd post a link to our fundraiser, hoping they wouldn't think I was being forward. Then I sent in a picture of Morgan on a camel in response to one of their posts and explained that he'd only gone out once last year and he'd found the courage to ride it but enjoyed it so much he went back and rode it again.

I don't know what happened after that, but these wonderful people took my little boy into their hearts even though they have a child of their own, Charlie, with Autism and they ran with his cause making it an overnight success with #friendswithMorgan . They have created him a new page which had over 500 people join in 24hrs, a Twitter account, he was even featured in the Sunday Post and is just becoming the happiest little boy overnight.

I happened upon their page when I thought I had nothing left to give and found the most incredible people who have in turn connected Morgan to the most positive and giving community at a time when he feels isolated and left out of everything. They have restored in him something I could never have done alone. How do you even begin to thank people for doing that for your child?