11/02/2014 07:06 GMT | Updated 12/04/2014 06:59 BST

Theta Healing for Divorce - Video Demonstration

I was a little nervous about putting my private life so completely in the public domain when I agreed to experience Theta Healing with Debbie Talalay - on camera!


But I found the experience really very easy, and I believe that my own family breakup was similar to so many others, and that it would be useful to see how Theta could be used to heal specific issues that are common amongst those of us who have been through such a difficult life change.



Even though I am ten years on from my breakup, I found through Debbie's Theta session that I was still holding on to deep core beliefs - as a woman and as a mother - that were negative beliefs and which were subconsciously holding me back.  Even when I was told via my own body - through the kinesiology testing Debbie uses - that I hold beliefs I didn't know I had, the funny thing is I found I recognised the truth of it instantly, and didn't feel any resistance to accepting that those beliefs still existed.  I felt very happy to have someone help me let them go - especially in such a relaxed and unthreatening way.


I believe holistic therapies like Theta Healing could play a much greater role in reducing the nasty effects of divorce if the public - and lawyers - had a greater awareness of the benefits.  This is why I promote therapies like Theta, Sophrology, BeOkTherapy and EFT on the Alternative Divorce Directory.  Combined with Counselling and Coaching, these gentle ways to reduce anger, increase confidence and reduce stress, all benefit not only the parents who take advantage of them - but as a by-product their children and families as a whole will also benefit.

Suzy Miller

Alternative Divorce Guide.