16/08/2017 12:02 BST | Updated 16/08/2017 12:02 BST

The Benefits Of Joining A Gym - My List


I've recently joined the gym, it's a major step for me. I'm 46 and a mum of a nearly three year old. I've never been super fit or slim so I do need to get fitter and lose some weight. I've embarked on a diet that I am actually maintaining, most of the time! So the next step was that dreaded exercise.

I think I'm finally in the right mind set to do this. I have great support from my family, I need it otherwise it could be a one week wonder. I also understand the reasons for going to the gym:

  • I want to control my weight
  • I know exercise is good for my health
  • Boost my energy
  • Get the happy feeling

After signing my life away to a 12 month contract - yes 12 months, I need to commit long term otherwise I just won't do it. I take a look at the timetable and work out the days I can go while the little man is at nursery. I need to be organised. There is no point trying to go in the evenings, I know I just won't do it once the TV is on and the boy is in bed.

So off I went. It killed me, I hurt a lot for four days but after the second trip I did see some benefits:

  • A new gym bag, that could also work as a beach bag. Multi-purpose.
    • Finding new gym kit. There were so many trainers to choose from I just had to buy two pairs.

  • Making sure I eat breakfast before I go. Not just a half eaten bit of toast but a proper breakfast.
  • Choosing a playlist of music - a grown up playlist. Then I actually got the time to listen to it. Uninterrupted.
  • People watching - I don't remember the last time I had the chance to sit (ok I was on the bike) and watch people. I never take my eyes off the two year old so it was nice to watch someone that wasn't going to get run over or bump their head on a table.
  • Doing something for me. I was putting myself through pain, sweating and looked awful but it felt reasonably good.
  • There's no little people. I love them but it felt good to be surrounded by adults.
  • Not having to talk to anyone. You can see people you know and just give them a nod or pretend you didn't even see them.
  • Feeling like I had learnt something. Trying new exercises that push me. It's been a while since I have felt like that.
  • Taking a shower - I do shower at home and my shower is more palatial than the one at the gym. But at this one I can shut the door, not have to listen out for the little one. No rushing.
  • Buying new products that will live in MY gym bag. With product that's meant for me, not something I've grabbed in my mad rush.
  • Using a towel that's not been picked up off the floor and still wet.
  • I realised that it's been a while since I have been able to sit and dry my hair and apply a full face of makeup. A luxury!
  • The best benefit of all was knowing I've done something that will in the end help us all as a family.

So going to the gym really does have some benefits and if I can keep those in mind, I'll be a size eight before I know it!* I am more determined this time, we have a holiday booked in December I want to be able to Insta some pictures where I'm not hidden behind a small child or palm tree.

Let's do this......

*never been a size eight, never likely to be either.

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