14/02/2017 09:54 GMT | Updated 15/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Hiding That Pesky Tattoo: Tattoo Concealer Makeup That Won't Quit

Here you are. Older and wiser.

Most people out there, whether they'll admit it or not, would do certain things very differently if they could turn back the clock.

Let's face it, some decisions are more forgiving than others. Having regrets about dating a boy in college who turned out to cheat on you is one thing. Having regrets about tattooing the name of that scumbag loser on your forearm is a whole different story.

Tattoo regret is real. According to a previous Huffington Post article, nearly one-third of people with tattoos end up with tattoo regret. Adding insult to injury, the placement of a regrettable tattoo may be preventing you from pursuing job opportunities, attending social events, building relationships with certain people, participating in certain sports, etc.


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Tattoo cover ups can provide a quick fix to the regrettable design, but they don't solve the placement issue. Because the initial tattoo must become "hidden" in the second tattoo by a diversion of the focal point, tattoo cover ups will inevitably end up larger and darker than the original design. Needless to say, this may not be the best option for someone holding back on applying for employment, shopping for a flattering wedding dress, or bringing little Jimmy to his piano recital.

For those preferring to actually remove their tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the most common and effective removal method nowadays. However, this process is not a quick fix! Depending on factors such as the tattoo's colours, the person's skin sensitivity, healing history, and lifestyle, some people will need up to a dozen treatments, each separated by 6-8 weeks, in order for the ink particles to be naturally eliminated by the body.

Because of the length of the laser tattoo removal process, as well as the pain and the steep costs involved, many people are opting for temporary solutions to getting rid of their ink. Enter tattoo concealer makeup...

Finding flawless and durable tattoo concealers can involve years of embarrassing trial and error. Many tattoo concealers on the market consist of a thick, greasy, theatrical type of cream that needs to be applied in many layers, each separated by setting powder. Not only does the finish usually end up shiny, cakey and sticky to the touch, but such tattoo coverage is rarely 100% rubproof. If you choose to use this type of tattoo cover up makeup, make sure to bring your makeup and setting powder with you in case you need touch ups throughout the day.


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The best option for 100% rubproof and waterproof tattoo concealer is alcohol-based airbrush makeup. Hands down. This is a thick, highly-pigmented liquid that is lightly misted onto the skin, one layer at a time, until the right opacity is reached. A setting powder can be used at the very end for extending the makeup longevity to 2-3 days. The finish is very light and natural-looking, and touch ups are not necessary. Because the top brands of airbrush makeup for tattoos are alcohol-based, this means the makeup will only come off with rubbing alcohol or a special cleanser. Using water and soap will only cause you some unfortunate chafing...


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Anyone experiencing tattoo regrets can now rejoice! There are many solutions, both permanent and temporary, for getting rid of those pesky tattoos. Start by analysing what your tattoo removal needs and expectations are, and what type of method would best suit your lifestyle.

For example, if you're someone who regularly plays contact sports, has difficulty keeping wounds sterile, or is constantly exposed to the sun, laser tattoo removal won't be the best option for you. If you dread the thought of getting a larger and darker tattoo than your original design, a tattoo cover up will not work either. And if you're averse to wearing makeup and learning how to properly apply the products to ensure flawless and durable coverage, tattoo concealer won't be your best bet.

Whichever method you choose in order to get rid of your tattoo, choose wisely and don't make any rash decisions. Second chances are a beautiful thing, but they should not be taken lightly...