11/11/2015 04:39 GMT | Updated 10/11/2016 05:12 GMT

How I Am Raising HAPPY Children


I am passionate about raising my children as best I can. I want to give them the best chance in life to be happy and healthy. I want to promote positive thinking and encourage their imagination and creativity as much as I can in our daily lives.

I have found myself investigating new ways of parenting, saying 'YES' more, shouting less, and not judging their 'nasty' not so good behaviour as bad. Rather understanding that they are learning to express themselves just like we once did. Rather then shouting at them and 'putting them in their place' I try to reason with them or cuddle them. I find cuddling solves many things. Just the touch of my warm embrace and feeling my love for them almost instantly calms them down most of the time.

The more I research and learn about being a parent, the more I dig deeper so to speak, the more I find. I can feel totally overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of information I need to process to 'raise good children'. In order to do this I feel it is paramount that I research and educate myself more in this area.

I want to raise successful children more than anything. With regards to success I mean 'happy'. I class happiness as success. It is not about wealth and money. It really is not. It is all about feeling good and joyful and recreating the positive and joyous feelings within ones self that will multiply and bring about more of the same thing.

This is what I truly believe. And more than anything when my children are mature adults I want them to turn to me and say: 'Mum I am happy'. That would give me the absolute certainty that I have done my job RIGHT.

Because in a world where we are taught that money buys happiness and wealth gives you success, we no longer look within ourselves for the validation we long for, (where we will easily find it). We search for it out there, in money and in wealth and in material items and in others. This is certainly one way to make ourselves depressed adults.

But all this changes so very quickly and so easily when we accept ourselves, when we choose to validate ourselves. Once we are happy everything else around seems to fall into place smoothly. All of our desires, wishes, and dreams become our reality because we have worked on ourselves first. All the other stuff becomes a bonus, an extra. If you teach your children to grow up happy and not rich, they will learn the value of experiences and feelings, not the price.

I want my children to be happy first and see wealth and money as an extra. And I will do my best to promote happiness first even if that means saying YES more and shouting less. Because actually parenting this way makes me happy. I feel I am making a difference in their lives. I am making a difference in the way they value themselves. I am promoting confidence as opposed to shouting and belittling, I am no better then they are. I have simply being in their shoes before and does that make me more qualified to shout and say no?

That is how I am 'trying' to raise happy children. I most certainly will always want them to be happy first.

Tanita writes at Just Motherhood, a successful parenting and lifestyle blog. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.