26/10/2015 08:24 GMT | Updated 23/10/2016 06:12 BST

How Plitvice Lakes Made Me Believe in Fairies

I have DREAMED of Plitvice lakes for the past couple of years. It's hard not to when my Pinterest dashboard is flooded daily with breath taking photos of the place.

It looked surreal to me. It seemed like something straight out of Fern Gully ( If you don't know what Fern Gully is, well, we can't be friends) , a fantasy land where nymphs and fairies would make their homes.

But I'm 26, I don't believe in fairies, right? Surely I've outgrown my childhood dreams of dresses made from flower petals and a magical kind of dust that would allow me to fly?! OF COURSE I HAVE! Well, at least I HAD........ until I visited the Plitvice lakes.

The minute I stepped into the national park my imagination ran away with me. I was away with the fairies (so to speak) for the rest of the day, and with good reason! With it's other-worldly water colours and incredible greenery Plitvice forced me to revert to my childhood ways of ACTUALLY believing in something that I couldn't see. What a novelty!

But don't take my word for it. SEE FOR YOURSELVES!


I mean, if you were a woodland fairy or some sort of water nymph, would this not be THE best place to chill??


All I need is wings and maybe a flower for a hat, right?


No, that's not a raptor you hear rustling in the long grass! Why, it's fairies playing hide and seek OF COURSE!


TLC said "don't go chasing waterfalls". But chasing fairies is ok, right?


Too busy looking for fairies to even notice all the fish at my feet! Look how clear that water is!


This guy is clearly appreciating the beauty of this magical land!


With water like this, surely the fairies have a turf war on their hands with the mermaids??


Look at this and tell me it's not magical!


So if you feel like recapturing your sense of wonder and believing in magic for a day, then get your ass to the Plitvice lakes, Croatia.

And remember, if Peter Pan has taught me anything it's that every time you say you don't believe in fairies, a fairy somewhere dies! So don't do it guys.

Say it with me now, "I DO believe in fairies, I DO believe in fairies!".

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