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Syria: Ways You Can Help (A Positive Piece!)

Syria Relief

Working for a charity solely focused on Syria, such as Syria Relief, can guarantee a regular rollercoaster of emotions for all of its employees and supporters. From the exhilaration up-on seeing fruition of the team's hard work on the ground, to fear and worry during the times we are cut off from all communication with our team who are working in particularly dangerous or besieged areas.

But it's not just those working in the charity sector who are finding it hard to digest the news unfolding from Syria. These past few weeks have left many of us unable to hold onto hope when phrases such as 'giant graveyard' or 'complete meltdown of humanity,' fly back and forth our news feeds, filling us with numbness. Or even the anxiety triggered by the simple act of scrolling down that twitter feed and reading the heart wrenching farewells from those trapped inside Aleppo City.

Like many of us, you begin wondering if there really is any hope for those trapped in areas under siege like Aleppo, and you start doubting the possibility of being able to help.

But there are real ways to help!

Syria Relief (the charity I work for) have been working inside Syria for five years now, and in that time have developed an unparalleled level of expertise in the country. Our staff have encountered so much these past few years and we don't let things keep us down and are sure to surmount any obstacle!

We have established a massive network of dedicated teams on the ground and thanks to their bravery, can reach even the seemingly most impossible of places.

Through Syria Relief, you can let the people of Aleppo know that their heartfelt messages of despair are being heard - and answered!

Our staff are working in the suburbs of Aleppo. As you read this post, they are busy receiving families who are being evacuated from their homes. Our team is providing evacuees with vital emergency aid to keep them going for the harsh days ahead.

Here are the ways YOU can make a huge difference to the lives of the people of Aleppo:

• 1 Month Family Pack - £300.00

Includes: Food Parcels, Blankets, Mattresses, Hygiene Kits (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, brushes), Ladies Hygiene Packs, Kitchen Sets, Warm Clothes, Stoves and Firewood.

• Family Food Basket - £30.00

• Family Heating Pack - £50.00

• (Stove, Firewood, Blankets & Water Bottles)

• Family Winter Pack - £20.00

• (Blankets and Firewood)

• Family Hygiene Pack - £40.00

• Mattress - £12.00

• Ladies Hygiene Pack - £10.00

(Please note: All Family Packages are large enough to cater to a family of 5 for one month)

You can donate here. Some Good News!

We are confident that the escalation of this humanitarian catastrophe can be halt-ed if all of us took a moment of our time to do something tangible to help the people of Syria. If you are unable to donate, try to raise awareness of Syria Relief's work on the ground or contact your local MP about facilitating humanitarian inter-vention in besieged areas.

In the last 24 hours, Syria Relief have received a record number of dona-tions since we began our work in 2011. On behalf of all staff here in the UK, in Turkey and our dedicated, heroic team inside Syria, THANK YOU for making our work possible.

Please share this post on your media platforms so your friends and colleagues know that they CAN still help! Let's fill our dismal news feeds with more exciting pro-spects for change!