18/04/2017 08:40 BST | Updated 18/04/2017 08:40 BST

Feeling Helpless Over Syria's Plight: Paving The Way Forward

There is unprecedented international outrage over the recent chemical attack that left many Syrian families dead and injured in the town of Khan Sheikoun. It is heartbreaking to see children suffering and parents in anguish over their dead children and family members. It is inevitable, that the feeling of helplessness can crop up in the hearts of those who have a heart.

As a journalist, who has been following the five-and-a-half-year Syrian conflict and reporting on the destruction, I feel a pressing need to take action and do something to help. The question is how can I help? What would be the best way to help the Syrian people apart from donating to charity? All these people want is an end to the bloodshed, an end to the fear and to rebuild and rehabilitate their lives. Can we help them do that? We may not be able to bring back the many lives of all those lost but we can work towards making our voice heard so that these atrocities are seized and the Syrian people are left to live a peaceful life.

Part of me feels frustrated that we are limited and lack the power of governments to make the much needed change. It is unbearable to hear the Syrian people calling on the international community to "save them" and we so desperately do want to bring saviour and help them. If no action is taken the situation in the Middle East could deteriorate and Assad will keep fighting an immoral and inhumane war.

According to human rights organisation 'I am Syria' the death toll has reached over 400,000 with 55,000 accounting for the number of children that have died. Despite world condemnation even from Mr Donald Trump, Assad stays resilient in his mission which has done nothing but massacre innocent civilian lives.

The impact of the Syrian crisis has left more than 4.9 million people displaced with over half of these being refugees with children. There are many obstacles in solving the Syria conflict, the most obvious being dealing with Bashar Al Assad. The United States, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the five major international and regional powers with influence in Syria, have played a significant role in diverging Assad's presence in Syria.

Saudi Arabia and the US first need to focus on removing Assad. Russia's motive to eradicate the terrorist organizations from Syria is a ridiculous attempt and is only further worsening the situation due to the fact that innocent civilians have to bear the brunt of the unjustified war. Iran has reiterated the fact that it is the Syrian people who should be given the right to decide on who their president should be, not other countries and with the destruction that Assad is causing it should be him that is the first one to leave the country.

Donald Trump's response to the recent chemical attack was "I will tell you that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me - big impact." Let's hope that the big impact will culminate in action being taken to remove the misused power that Assad possesses and give the Syrian people a chance to rebuild their lives. I have learnt that it is no point dwelling in helplessness but it is time to stand up and give a voice to those who feel unheard- it is time to act now.