13/05/2013 13:06 BST | Updated 12/07/2013 06:12 BST

Syria's Urgent Need for Humanitarian Support

Why should innocent Syrian civilians have to pay the price for violence that has been prevalent in the country since the uprising against President Bashar al Assad? The humanitarian crisis in Syria is further escalating as civilians are being left without basic human needs due to limited funds.

United Nations officials had reported that, ""Shelter, water, food, basic supplies, health care - all are precarious, said the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, Radhouane Nouicer. "The civilian space is eroding, as there is almost no place deemed to be safe. Syrians have no idea when, or if, they will have a normal life again."

It has further been reported that almost 70,000 Syrians have died and up to a staggering 4 million people are urgently in need of humanitarian assistance. Syria has undergone more than two years of violence, frequent bombings, destruction of homes and most importantly losses of millions of lives.

There has been mass killing of innocent civilians, which have further spurred the need for intervention from governments worldwide. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an emergency appeal for humanitarian aid into Syria following the rapid deterioration of the situation in the country and the affects of limited aid to Syrian civilians.

There needs to be more awareness of the plight of Syrian civilians in order to highlight this issue and further get the aid they so desperately need. The hospitals in Syria are struggling to accommodate the growing number of patients that need medical assistance and care.

The UN News Centre has reported that, "Hospitals and health centres that are operating are overburdened with patients. For example, the main referral hospital in Lattakia receives a new emergency patient every 32 seconds," said Mr. Jasarevic. "Similarly, Al Berony referral hospital in Damascus is receiving 20 times more emergency patients now than before the conflict began."

The situation in Syria is one that is deteriorating and is critical need of humanitarian help as more than one-third of public hospitals are out of services at a time when innocent injured civilians need medical intervention and support. There have been over two million Syrians which have fled to neighbouring countries and are living in critical conditions without their basic human rights of having clean water, shelter, sanitation facilties and proper food.

Many charities are campaigning to help with the humanitarian crisis in Syria and it is hoped that with the support from people around the world we can help to get the funds the Syrian civilians desperately need to assist them in this critical time.