31/08/2016 05:54 BST | Updated 31/08/2017 06:12 BST


After deciding to embrace my natural Afro hair 3 years ago, I've spent most of my time just learning how to care for it and keep it healthy; as well as going through an emotional healing process, beginning to believe my Afro hair and styles are not only acceptable in society but are actually beautiful! Unfortunately this fact has meant I've spent more time on the emotional and technical aspects of Afro hair and not enough time simply having fun and experimenting.

Fortunately because I've spent so much time caring for my hair I now feel empowered to experiment, add flare and have fun with styling. So I went on a hunt for style inspiration, searching through Pinterest and Instagram only to be truly inspired by the current 100 Layers viral Youtube trend. It's simple and fun... put on 100 layers of well anything. Sounds silly... 'cause it is; and in a world so bleak and harrowing right now it's exactly what I'm looking for... silly good ole fun!

We can all get into hairstyle ruts and changing our hair can have surprisingly positive emotional effects, boosting confidence and zest for life. So if you want to have a bit of fun in these last summer days then COME ON and take my new style challenge. Mixing my inspiration from '100 layers...' videos and some beautiful pics I found on social media, I'm challenging YOU and myself to do an extravagant style - 100 Hair Twists with beads!

Wish me luck...

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Whatever hair type you have you deserve to enjoy your hair, so get involved. Doing this challenge myself has taught me the uplifting value of venturing outside my normal boxes and with all my personal changes over the last 3 years I've truly learnt my happiness starts with loving the skin I'm in!

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