09/09/2014 07:25 BST | Updated 08/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Guidance for the Naive Undergraduate - Part Nine: Fresher's Week V.1

Fresher's Week, what can be said that hasn't already been said? In those seven days, those one hundred and sixty-eight hours, a lot will happen and even if not much happens for you, a lot will happen around you, and you will probably hear it. You will find all manner of advice about how to handle Fresher's Week, what to do, what not to do and generally how to make friends, such advice usually being dished out from student orientated websites, BuzzFeed-esque articles or student 101 type Twitter handles.

I like Fresher's Week and I am not exclusively referring to the events that take place in what can only be described as a disused sports hall with a couple of disco balls, a non-asthma friendly smoke machine, the presence of a D-list celebrity who learnt to cross fade tracks to earn the big bucks, with a crowd so young it would prompt any grey haired light entertainer to prepare their legal team.

It is one of my favourite weeks in the academic year, solely for the atmosphere, excitement and copious amounts of free stationary received at Fresher's Fair. Fresher's Week in third year was my favourite, although, that may be majorly down to the fact I witnessed a considerably proportioned bouncer on roller-skates almost hit the deck to the infectious sound waves of 5ive. This coupled with the fact I was on the fresher's team and was able to fashion flashing light aviators and a lanyard with my name on it made every day a day one would be happy to end it all on.

At Fresher's Week this year we have quite a wide variety of events ranging from a stand-up comedy night, a paint party, a city takeover coupled with appearances from Game of Throne's Hodor, legendary DJ Judge Jules and Radio One's Danny Howard. Acts however are probably the least significant part of Fresher's Week organisation but the most important aspect for students.

Last year we had Naughty Boy or Shahid Khan if you're going by his real identity and well, in a nutshell, he was shit. He failed to show-up during Fresher's Week and cancelled due to one reason or another at the last minute. This inevitably disappointed a large percentage of the would-be crowd. If anything, it would not have taken Derren Brown to predict this catastrophe, he's called Naughty Boy and any boy of a naughty nature I attended school with was well trained in the art of truancy, so that says it all.

In Fresher's Week I think the trick is to just simply immerse yourself, but of course, be yourself and be true to you. You will be socialising with lots of new people, meeting all kinds of people and being thrust together like you are in some kind of social experiment curated by Stan The Man Milgram. You shouldn't be frightened though, you soon establish a common ground very quickly. For example, I have known people who at first will be quiet, reserved, all kinds of introverted and believing they will forever be alone. However, by midnight they were utterly intoxicated and asking someone to hold their kebab whilst they squatted, urinated and splashed their Urban Outfitters novelty sandals.

That is lecturers for you though.