01/04/2014 08:45 BST | Updated 29/05/2014 06:59 BST

Slippers, Marmite and Student Elections...


I have just returned from a trip to Waitrose and I am now sat on the sofa at home, as I take a sip from my previously scheduled afternoon cup of tea, I notice something unusual. I am wearing my slippers, my navy blue, loafer type, and sort of-esque slippers. This is a problem, for I have just returned from the supermarket and I cannot remember changing my footwear at any point today. As I confront my stepfather the evidence is somewhat conclusive and it would appear that one would not require Dr Spencer Reid to unravel this case.

I can now say that I have just visited the supermarket in my slippers, albeit entirely unaware of my committal of such a social faux pas. I cannot decide if this was a simple error influenced by rushing out of the house or the beginning of me subconsciously karate chopping social conventions. Either way, I am now fully aware as to why the checkout assistant looked at me and remarked "comfy Saturday?"

Which were all the more impressive given that it was a self-checkout.

Today has been a good day, a 7/10 if you will. I arrived from University last night to the family home in a last minute decision-making process. Far too much has been going on this past week and I was in desperate need of the loving which the Marmite on toast from home can provide me with.

A week ago I was both craving Marmite on toast and experiencing a startling come down from being elected as the Vice-President Faculty of Health and Social Care for Edge Hill University Students' Union. In the run up to the results, I dubiously campaigned my bottom off all week, talking to people who did not want to talk to me, approaching people I had never clapped eyes on before and handing out finely crafted balloon dogs to the masses, all in a bid to convince them to vote for someone who can list 'sculptor of inflatables' on his curriculum vitae. After five days of harassing people and making them balloon dogs whilst they looked at me as though I had just kicked their pet squirrel to death in front of them, Friday arrived and so did the results. I did well enough in the votes to both win and get the job!

Who knew a balloon dog and a bit of nervous eye contact could be so persuasive.

This all begins on the 1st of August and I cannot contain my excitement about getting started in a job that will see me channel every passion I have for students, education, people and funding a masters degree into. I now know what I will be doing until Friday 31st July 2015 which is a frightening prospect.

Although, I feel if I am wearing my slippers then all will be okay.