05/10/2012 09:58 BST | Updated 04/12/2012 05:12 GMT

White Canvas Project Part Three

The T-shirt. One of the most popular bits of clothing in the world and often a source of self expression. From slogans shouted by t-shirts of the '80s to multicolour screen-prints, the quality of t-shirt art varies wildly, but one particular sector of the art community embraces t-shirt art more than any other - street art. Maybe not surprising for a movement born of graffiti. Graffiti artists always seek to be up in as many public places as possible, particularly trains that move through the city exposing your work to as many people as possible. Today's moving canvases are people wearing your t-shirt, it's certainly easier than gaining access to a train in this day and age.

Supreme Beinghave been championing some prominent artists with their 'White Canvas Project' and the upcoming third instalment looks set to be the best yet with a much extended group of artists involved in the event. As with the previous White Canvas Project the artists retreated to the Cambridgeshire countryside to paint the entire exhibition's art in a couple of days often on found objects. The week long exhibition opens with an event on Thursday 11th October at 17 Great Eastern Street which features live art, the Hit & Run crew screen-printing live, drinks, and music from Moxie. If the last exhibition, which also featured street art legend SheOne, is anything to go by this is a must see.