23/02/2017 11:46 GMT | Updated 24/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Trump's Tremendous Vocabulary


I read a tremendous piece the other day entitled "The Emperor Has No Vocabulary", but I tongue-in-cheekily beg to differ. While Trump may ramble incoherently and speak in sentences usually associated with kindergarten, his vocabulary is the subject of much global discussion. Consider the newly popular words (including "tremendous") we're all throwing about with abandon:

Bigly - ok, so he's saying "Big League" which sounds even more ridiculous when stuck in the middle of a sentence and used as an adjective or an adverb. It sounds like "bigly" though, so everyone is going with that one when they want to make fun of Trump. Which is all the time. Bigly is actually a real word. Oh yes. The Oxford English Dictionary classifies it as an adverb meaning "with great force" or "loudly, boastfully". Perfectly suited for him then. ;-)

Disgrace - everything said or done that's not 100% praising Donnie is a "disgrace". It's one of those words you just know he was brought up with. A bit like "disappointed" - a word used to shame him as a child, and he obviously thinks we're all going to hang our heads instead of wetting ourselves laughing. Donnie - you're not my mother. (I was going to say "you're not the boss of me", but that would be tempting deportation, even though I am a citizen.)


Fake - this is the word Donnie uses for "things I don't like". Topics include, but are not limited to, Russia, his tiny hands, Ivanka's failing product lines, Russia, the New York Times, CNN, global warming, Russia. It's going down a treat with his fans though, I must admit. They simply say it (or type in ALL CAPS) in lieu of any decent argument or rebuttal. Works like a charm.


Tremendous - Donnie uses this word a lot, when he can't be bothered to find the correct word. (Or doesn't know it.) It is employed when whining and talking about bad things - (....tremendous waste, fraud and abuse. That we're taking care of. It's tremendous.) and big things - (...have to release a tremendous amount of information..) and of course, when bragging about himself - (I am worth a tremendous amount of money. I have had tremendous success.)

Walk back - actually, Donnie doesn't say this but everyone around him does it every time he opens his mouth. Never, in the history of politics, (Trump style exaggeration there) has a politician meant so little of what he says. Just Google "walking back Trump's words" and watch what comes up. It almost makes you feel sorry for his Press Secretary and his Spokespeople, but then you don't.

Yoooge - or "Huge" as most people say. I think he stopped saying it at some point because so many people were imitating him. In the interests of fair and balanced blogging however (stop laughing), I must point out that Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders also says it -

So yes, Trump has a vocabulary, albeit limited, and it's brought laughter to many a despairing soul.