05/11/2015 12:51 GMT | Updated 05/11/2016 05:12 GMT

We Are Citizens of the World

I formed my own NGO, Climate Revolution, with my friend Cynthia King right after James Lovelock guessed the one billion population figure: by calling it Climate Revolution we simply named what was already happening. Throughout the world, in every walk of life people are changing their values. Save a plastic bag and you have already begun to think. We wanted to be a focus for that. And we link with other NGO's so that we all speak with the same voice.

My fashion and my activism support each other - they are driven by the same motor. "I want a better world." I say, "Buy less, choose well, make it last." Quality not quantity. I use my green politics for graphics on clothes and our shows have these themes. I use every opportunity to open my mouth for our activism. We will fuse our fashion website with Climate Revolution.

I try to select, analyse and concentrate the most important information so people can cut through the lies and face the reality. This map is the most important graphic I have ever done and the list of bullet points which describe the global financial system is the most important analysis.


Cynthia King, who runs with me, does lots of groundwork with other NGOs to make sure we are working together for one cause. Meetings; at the moment towards a demonstration - should be huge - 29 November in London - come!

Cynthia thought of the title: People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs. I interpret this title as "We want a green economy with jobs for everyone": Climate Justice - that can only happen in a green economy and a truly green economy would have a job for everyone who wanted one because there would be a fair distribution of wealth and fair pay with real values e.g. more teachers, nurses, farmers; better poets, true judges of art.


This march will be very much against austerity and also massive opposition to TTIP. TTIP is so bad, so inhuman.

I spoke at a rally for TTIP. I was in Shock. How come we're only just coming to understand what's going on? These trade agreements - NAFTA for example, which make use of Investment and State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).

Politicians - We have got to call them CRIMINALS (roars of approval) I think they're proud of being criminals; every one of their policies is a CRIME against humanity. Absolute proof: They want to sign TTIP. They think it's fine that TTIP lets the GIANTS wreck your country and poison the water.

"Oh no! If you stop us we'll fine you $1billion. Don't worry, we'll sell you some clean water in plastic bottles."

I never thought these CRIMINALS would have the effrontery to show their hand so clearly: They are pro profit - and anti-people.

TTIP is a CRIME, Fracking, Austerity, Climate Change, Killing Bees are CRIMES.

I have begun to think of the CRIMINALS (politicians) as playing a game together with the monopolies and the banks - the revolving door. The monopolies are the GIANTS and the central banks are the FACELESS EVIL. We are Faust. We have sold our soul, not for power, but for nothing - we've been tricked by the Joker. And who is the Joker? He's Mephistopheles, the Entertainer, the Distractor, the Illusionist, the Liar: the mainstream media, the press. I think Marlowe's play, Dr Faustus, could be reworked.

My friend Pamela Anderson helps me a lot. She made sure that Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd came to our fashion show in Paris. He has political asylum there and finally I met him. He was co-founder of Greenpeace. Sea Shepherd has more ships and is successful in preventing illegal shipping and protecting endangered species. In the last two years they have saved 6,000 whales.


The first thing I asked Paul was, "Is there a chance to save the world?" He said, no we are not too late. We must regenerate the seas. The seas give us 80% of everything we need; oxygen, waste disposal, it sequesters 80% CO2.

I always thought big fish eat little fish, so we start with bacteria and plankton and krill. Paul says, no, it's a cycle. It's the whales' shit and not only that these huge creatures bring up the iron and nitrogen from the bottom of the sea. The more predators in the sea, the more fish you get. Every creature on this earth gives and takes - this is biodiversity - except us. We only take. At the moment the world biodiversity can only deal with 50% of our poison and waste.

He gave me his short manual on how to save the world. Each page was a set of bullet points to identify a particular problem and suggestions of how to solve it: nothing vague, just a practical programme. It is the best tool every activist has been waiting for. An example from one page:



I will join Paul at the COP21 mobilisation campaign and hopefully take part in the initiative which was launched by Nicolas Hulot, head of state for Dare.

I will pick out three essential propositions to show that we are talking about concrete implementation. It begins, "We, the citizens of the world, call on the politicians at the heads of the richest and highest greenhouse gas emitting countries to finally rise to the challenge of climate change.

You must:

1. Regulate finance at long last

2. Put an end to abuses by multinationals

3. Clean up public spending and stop the investment in fossil fuels"

Cindy and Teddy also work on Climate Revolution. Cindy is also working on the People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs which will take place in London on the 29 November. She works with young focus groups and students, people who will rally and demonstrate. We work with on this. We want to stimulate a coming together of intellectuals.

Teddy works particularly to make sure stuff gets on our website. Our computer man Joe is the best.

The march is timed for the beginning of COP21 in Paris. Like I said, so much is happening, so much is coming together.