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It's Time To Say Yes To Your Potential

If what is happening to people around me is representative to what is happening on a more global scale, there has never been a better time to say YES to life's potential - to that wise, wild and creative force within you - and to brace yourself for the ride of your life.

One of the most exciting things about the work that I do is hearing people's stories about their lives, relationships, fears and longings. I'm always blown away by how seemingly random people all go through similar learnings and changes at the same time, each in their own unique and beautiful way.

If I needed any further proof of the unseen connection that unites us all, this is it: at times it's as if we as a collective consciousness are being taken through the same steps to evolve and grow. Whether we like it or not, and whether we're aware of it or not: we can either be a willing partner of life or be dragged kicking and screaming into the unknown.

And in these past few weeks, I am seeing something quite extraordinary beginning to happen: after a long period of intense change, many people are beginning to open up to their potential.

The field of potential

Unless you've been living in the Amazonian forest, up until now you've been carrying an old reality about what the world is, and what it means to be part of it. Your mind has been full of images of what would bring you happiness and safety; from what degree to strive for, to what clothes to wear, to what books to read, to what your bank account should look like.

Perhaps you've been driving yourself like a slave-master towards tiny, impossible, made-up targets. And perhaps now you're slowly realising that there is a whole wall that you could be aiming for instead. Perhaps at the moment, you are seeing that you do, in fact, have a choice.

That, my friend, is where your potential lies.

Life's potential - and since you are life itself, your potential - is a field of great expansion, in which acorns becomes giant oaks and single words create planetary revolutions.

It's the space within you where your dreams and longings exist, where your gifts and talents are sitting patiently, waiting to be called upon.

It's the space outside of your limited thinking, of your images, of your old constructs. Outside of the boxes you've put yourself in. Outside of the boxes created by the society and culture you live in.

Potential comes after disillusion

It's easy to be disillusioned with the world at the moment: Donald Trump, Brexit, the migrant crisis...just a few of the stories that do a great job at sucking our energy on a daily basis.

Painful, sure: we are finding out that the old world, the old system which we thought was working for us, has turned out to be, in reality, completely and utterly messed up.

It's like finding out that your lover has been cheating on you for years, right in front of your nose. And that they're now not even making any effort to hide themselves, as if they actually want to be found out.

Well, allow me to say that this disillusionment is wonderful. Why?

Because after the pain, the grief, the anger, comes the age-old question, the million-dollar reflection that connects us straight to our longing and our potential: What do I really want?

Potential is scary

Doors are closing on old stories, old ways of being, old paradigms, and other doors are flying open left, right and centre.

And yes, its scary. Opening up to such possibilities brings up all sorts of old gremlins, intent on keeping you in your box. Little voices of resistance and fear whose sole purpose are to keep you focused on that one, tiny target in the distance, to keep you safe, keep you conforming to the old story of society.

"If I truly step into my power, then I will make many enemies."

"If I allow myself to actually feel real joy, then people won't like me."

"If I really accept and express my gifts and talents, then I am not sure who I will become."

But, perhaps, you can recognise the illusion in these voices and feel within you the call - even just a slight whisper - to move forwards regardless.

Perhaps you can feel these feelings and allow these thoughts, while putting your faith and trust in your deeper self.

Perhaps you can stop aiming for your made-up target, and aim for the stars instead.

But why, you might ask? Why would I put my neck on the line? Why would I step out into the unknown?

Because the ocean that is the world needs every single drop to wake up.

It needs more dreamers, more visionaries, more people living and creating their lives from their hearts.

It needs you to do your best, to do what you love, to express the innate, God-given, divine gifts and dreams that you've spent so long resisting, judging, comparing, and killing.

Because when you say YES to your life's purpose, to your calling, to your passion (even if you have no clue what it is yet), life swoops in to support you beyond your wildest dreams. Your intention is enough for now; life will bring you everything you need in its own time, and in its own way - perhaps not in the way you expect.

Because, if what is happening to people around me is representative to what is happening on a more global scale, there has never been a better time to say YES to life's potential - to that wise, wild and creative force within you - and to brace yourself for the ride of your life.

The future looks good.

Love & Health,

Ed xx


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