Thanks for the Jubilee, Ma'am

05/06/2012 22:06 BST | Updated 05/08/2012 10:12 BST

The celebrations from the Jubilee weekend are still fresh in our minds and will live on in our memories and affections for years to come. Buckingham Palace and the Royal Household put on a jolly good show for not just the British public but for the wider world to show that we Brits know how to celebrate in style.

But how many of us, having enjoyed a (very) long weekend off work will take the time, thought and good grace to thank Her Majesty for such a glorious occasion?

The Queen is the most famous and gracious hostess in the world - if not ever - but not many people write to Her after a garden party, lunch, state banquet, or even jubilee to express their gratitude. How rude!

Just as you should with any other hospitality you have received (Royal or otherwise) it's now time to dust off the fountain pen and find the writing paper and carefully scribble your letter to The Queen.

Her Majesty is known to appreciate and value every thank you letter she receives.

So here's how to express your gratitude gracefully - and correctly...

• Letters to The Queen should start with "Your Majesty" or "Madam"

• They should end with "I have the honour to be, Madam, your most humble and obedient servant"

• For those with chips on their shoulders, the last word in the sign off can be changed to 'subject'

• If you are not a British or Commonwealth citizen and wish to write to Royalty, the sign off remains the same

• For The Queen, the envelope should read "Her Majesty The Queen", followed by the address.

A Lady in Waiting, Private Secretary or Information office replies to all letters to The Queen on headed Buckingham Palace paper. So, if nothing else, it'll give you something nice to hang in the loo.

Full information on how to write to The Queen and other members of the Royal Family can be found in my iPhone and iPad app guide on Royal Protocol. More info here.