02/02/2015 07:14 GMT | Updated 02/04/2015 06:59 BST

Non American Critic Sniper

It has become more than apparent recently that people seem to think it's okay to personally attack the legacy of a dead man. A dead man that was devoted to his family. A dead man that saved the lives of countless young soldiers. A legend.

I think it's cowardly.

Today I'm going to take the time to personally attack those that are living. That's abit more human, the living can defend themselves. Those decrepit, heartless keyboard warriors that use twitter as their battle ground. Those people with no knowledge of what they talk about. Today, they are in my sights.

Michael Moore

This oversized oxygen thief took to twitter soon after the movie release. He branded all snipers cowards, using the evidence, 'it's what my grandfather thought'. Using your grandfathers opinions to form an argument is pretty desperate. If you don't actually hold an opinion yourself it's odd to turn to your family tree, search through your history, select a relative with actual combat experience, and then recycle third hand his thoughts.

Hey, Michael Moore. I'm pretty sure my great, great grandfather thought morbidly obese people were lazy sacks of shit.

Go me. I got you there. Maybe I should tweet that.

Seth Rogan

This silver tongued piece of flabby chin fluff likened American Sniper to the propaganda film in Inglorious bastards.

Wait, wasn't that fiction?

You could say American Sniper is like a lot of things, it's like that great romantic film the notebook because, well, a man and a woman fall in love at the start. You could say American Sniper is like that film where a woman got pregnant and had a baby. You could say it's like a lot of things.


It isn't. American Sniper is factually based, you can compare real life to anything. Why compare it to a badly made film by (a fictional) Hitler's propaganda ministry?

So, there it is. My bitter keyboard rant. A lot of critics today seem to think they can speak with authority about human conflict. The problem with those people that do, is that their only combat experience is from playing call of duty with their 'bros' or throwing word grenades downrange on twitter to their 'haters'. War is war. To a lot of people, there is no right or wrong team. It is just two sides throwing men at each other until one side gets sick and tired of it and gives up. Chris Kyle was on one of those teams, he was a guardian angel to the men on his team and because of him countless children will know their father, countless wives will know their husband, and countless grandchildren will have their ears burned with the same old stories. In combat if you have someone watching your back with a long barrel and high calibre bullets then your day begins to feel a a lot more survivable. If you think it would have been better for Chris Kyle and America to have let all those Iraqi insurgents blast their way through young American lives then you sir, are a dick.