22/07/2014 13:22 BST | Updated 21/09/2014 06:59 BST

Why Fox News Would NEVER Work In The UK

If you tune into any news channel here you will see a variety of races, backgrounds and religions which represents the multicultural society of which we live in. Even if you're watching Sky News, which often gets called the Fox News of the UK and even if it isn't as diverse as other news outlets, you would still be able to see a more diverse array of presenters.

As for Fox News, once you turn on the channel you would probably be watching a blonde white woman presenting or a middle aged white man. There's two reasons for this; Firstly, this seems pretty obvious but most of their viewers will be white, so they would like to see a reflection of themselves. Secondly, their median viewing age is 68 and the group of people who mostly watches them grew up in the 1950s. So, the Fox News presenters are in fact a reflection of the 1950s and the 'Golden Era' of America. It seems like Fox News wants to recreate the 1950s where conservatism was at its peak. Which is exactly what they're doing because when you think of the 50s, you think of a blond married housewife wearing a skirt, which is a true representation of the a female fox news presenter because as an insider has released they're actually not allowed to wear trousers. Overall this is why Fox News would never work over here.

1. We're not as religious: : Fox News centres around fundamentalist religious mentality which is further pushing the gap further and further away from a younger audience that they desire for. However they still have an audience as a recent gallup polls shows 39% of Americans stated that they have attended a religious service recently. In contrast in the UK it's 10%. In addition, only 16.1% of Americans state that they don't have a religion. Whilst here a European Social Survey showed that in 2008 52.6% said that they do not belong to a religion. If you ever drive through Texas you would see a church on ever street corner.

2. They're more conservative: : Although we do have 'conservatives' they are no where near the current conservatives of the united states. Their conservatives have much more extreme right wing views than our ones. Not a lot of people in the UK have those views so Fox News wouldn't do well here.

3. They say outlandish stuff which would never be allowed here : A couple of weeks ago one of the Fox News panelists: Bob Beckel uttered the racial slur 'chinamen' which if he was on, for instance, BBC News, he would rightfully get sacked. On the other hand, he hasn't seen that much backlash and there has been no question of getting rid of him. I could mention countless of other stories in which Fox News presenters have said even more outrageous stuff but the list is far too long.

All in all, our news broadcasters are there as public servers, they support and accommodate for the whole of the country which includes, all of our multicultural society. Whilst, Fox News only focuses on one particular agenda which doesn't bring any benefit for their country.